For Terri!

Here's my last progress picture taken in the beginning of July. I was down 80lbs in it, but am actually down 87 now. Thanks so much for your support... it really helps me stay on track!

W O W ! You rock. So impressed & admiring of your self discipline & stick at it ness.

Ciao Kaz

Hello Roni,

"Thank you for the thread to me" nice of you and special.

Roni now i am pleased you've added these pic's from when you started down to recentley...christ mate you are doing well and it's like looking at a new woman and here in the uk you'd be classed as about a size 14 as that what you look.

Well with all your dedication besides running about like an headless chicken you look main concern as always been you overdoing it and you health back firing as you know.

To sign in this morning and see your thread was one lovely pleasure.

Your loving friend Terri xxxxx

Thanks Kaz!

Terri - I’m wearing a 14 in Canadian sizing (which I think runs the same as US). I’m not sure how that equates to UK sizing but I think UK sizes are smaller?!? I’m tall (5’10") so look smaller than I actually am! I was wearing a 22 in the first picture so I’ve come a long way. I lost 14" off my waist, 10" off my hips and 6" off each thigh! =)

I have been counting calories and walking when I can. I use a free app for smartphones called myfitnesspal that makes counting calories really simple. You enter your stats and how much you want to lose a week and it tells you how many calories you should eat. Then you just enter what you eat (it has a huge database of foods including all the major restaurants and i haven’t had a problem with it finding something). It also uses your camera to scan bar codes so food can be entered that way as well. There is also a website ( but it’s much more convenient to use the app on a smartphone since you can enter it on the go (they have it for android, blackberry and iPhone). The site also has forums, tickers and other stuff (all free). You can add friends (like Facebook) and follow their progress in your “news feed”.

I started in November so about 8.5 months to lose 87lbs for me, but I’ve been very dedicated to sticking to my calories. I have a cheat meal every Saturday but usually don’t go over by very much. I like calorie counting because I can eat whatever I want as long as I can fit it into my “budget”.

Hello Roni,

Yes the size 14 is the same as the US but with us it's a size 16 but you do look a 14 that's why i mentioned it and here's a chart for canadian/US and the UK.

That's why you only look a nice 14 to me because your heights carrying you your 2" taller than've you've done really well from coming down from a 22, when i was on the steriods i went to a size 24.

Oh you've done brill mate and the size you are is a nice size here and a 16 but when people start going over those sizes, that's when doctor worry...your ok here from a size 10-16 for a female.

keep up the lovely work Roni to you hit your goal.

All my love to you. xxx

Roni said:

Thanks Kaz!

Terri - I'm wearing a 14 in Canadian sizing (which I think runs the same as US). I'm not sure how that equates to UK sizing but I think UK sizes are smaller?!? I'm tall (5'10") so look smaller than I actually am! I was wearing a 22 in the first picture so I've come a long way. I lost 14" off my waist, 10" off my hips and 6" off each thigh! =)


All that sounds brill what your doing...i'm 5ft 8" tall and a size 10 which would be a size 8 to you and the US and a 10-12 in a top and i weigh 65kg at the moment.

I've started eatiing properly now as i've only been having my main meal at night, nothing else.

So for my breakfast i have special K, dinner time a banana and prune yogurt and ste does salads etc at night, then i have 7 turkish delight slices to keep my sugar right and i've started drinking water, as i was getting in a right mess with my IBS and in 3 days alone my bowels are functiong better and not so much dehydration.

taa much Roni, clicking on links as we type! Regards Kaz

Feel free to add me as a friend. My username is Roni_M. Also should mention the minimum calories is 1200 so if you don’t have much to lose you won’t be able to set it to lose 2lbs a week (1200 cals is the doctor recommended minimum for women).

Thanks for the link Terri! I thought I would be about a 16 in UK sizes. Due to my height and bone structure I probably will only lose another size or so (down to about a 12 US) in the bottoms and probably about a 10 in the top. When I was really thin as a teen/young adult I wore a 12, so with vanity sizing making clothes a bit bigger I figure a 12 is a good size for me at my age. I have one pair of jeans right now that are a 16 skinny in Calvin Klein, they are getting a bit big. Mostly I wear yoga pants (size large) because I don’t want to buy any expensive clothes until I’m done. I currently weigh 212lbs (still pretty heavy!!) and 174lbs is considered a healthy weight for my height. So about 38lbs to lose still. And if you do the math, yes I weighed 300lbs when I started! (so embarassing that i let it get that bad!!) I carry weight fairly well so combine that with never stepping on a scale and you get how shocked I was when I finally weighed in. But I’m fixing it now that I know =)

Hello Roni,

I think if you lose your weight and get down to a size 12 you'll look totally smashing...Roni how you like your yoga pants, i live in trackie bottoms and i only where my jeans if i go anywhere and they always have to be button flys for i would'nt buy no more close till you've hit your goal and i hope you never gain weight but dow throw your bigger clothes away i've done that no ender time and it's cost money again.

Your weight in kg is 96 and if you do reach 174lbs that's 78kg which is'nt to bad...with me i'm small framed and i'm on the border line for going under, so the nurse and doctor keep a regular check on my weight, when i went to 58kg i was bone and did look bad and that was through anaemia years back.

Well i'm really pleased that you have realized where you got to in weight and now are so determined for you goal and when anyone gets like you have with determinantion you'll most likely never gain weight again through seeing the results as you have done.

I already got rid of my fat clothes. I needed to purge them all so that I can’t go backwards! I’m not concerned about putting weight back on. The way I eat now is maintainable for the rest of my life. The biggest change for me was not drinking any calories. I have 2 cups of coffee in the morning and then drink flavored water the rest of the day. I used to drink about 1500 calories a day in milk to help with an upset stomach from the arthrotec. The doctor has me on stomach meds now, so cutting those calories out was very easy for me. I’ve never been a big eater so do fairly well on 1400 calories a day. If I’m overly hungry I just fill up on veggies and I really like most veggies. It’s not hard at all once you figure the calories out and if i want a treat, i have it and just be good the rest of the week so my weekly calories are right. I don’t ever feel deprived or that there is something I can’t have. The app I use also allows you to earn more calories by exercising so I can walk for a 1/2 hour and get extra calories for treats too. It’s kind of like budgeting money, you can “earn” more to buy something “expensive” if you want. There won’t be any going back for this girl!! =)


Wehn i meant not getting rid of your clothes i did'nt mean through eatting again...i meant with the meds we take, i've been as low as 9st in the past and been put on seizure tablets and bang back upto 15st.

I know with all this determination on how you've lost weight and exercised would'nt throw you back but meds can easily do it but how you eat then exercise and work with your calories is really good. xxx