I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life!!! I watch what I eat and I know I need exercise but every time I try I have a flare up. Has anyone managed to find an exercise routine that works and doesn’t cause more harm than good. Or just any helpful hints to help keep the weight off??? Thanks!!

Thanks for the reply. Will try that approach and see how I do. Looking forward to it!!!
Thanks again and good luck to you :wink:

Besides it being difficult to be as active as we once more, I find the meds pack weight on too, especially steroids! Shots, pills, any way you take them they are good for many many added pounds!

Any movement is helpful, walk, swim, stretch, stairs will help you, Queenie. Watching the calories will help too, but ask the Doctor, they can give you ideas that will make it easier and safer!



Hello Queenie,

Swimming is good besides exercise in water as Ann's mentioned, as i was told to do it for my muscle wastage but having seizures is abit of an issue.

There's a member on the site called "Roni" and here's her Discussion on losing weight and there's pic's of when she first started and the ones underneath are about 2-3wks old...she totally devoted herself to losing it and is doing well.


Thanks so much for all your input!!!

Hi Queenie

The weight is a big concern for me. I have always carried a few extra pounds. More like 40 or so all of my life. This escalated to being obese and I topped the scales at almost 250lbs, and I'm only 5'4". I had gastric bypass surgery 11 years ago, and I lost 80lbs and have kept it off until this year. ( I also lost about 160 lbs when I got divorced 4 years ago lol glad to see him go : )

I gained 10lbs with the steroids I had in March when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with my ankle and my feet. My feet were swelling, and my doctor prescribed a water pill. I lost 5lbs overnight! It eventually returned, and it comes and goes. This week, I was really feeling bloated and the water pill wasn't working. My husband suggested I take a second water pill, and again I lost 5lbs overnight. I am walking a bit now, since I have a new puppy, I feel so bad if I don't get a chance to take her for her walks. I would like to use this to help me get started on weight loss, because I think it will help with my joints and just overall well being.

Thanks for sharing!! Although I feel really bad for you and everyone else it is reassuring to know that I am not the only one struggling with this. It is frustrating and I think it adds to our daily stress which is problematic in itself. Stay strong and keep fighting. Baby steps. You may not walk as often as you like but at this point some is better than none. It’s always a catch 22 with us. Keep the weight off so you don’t add extra stress to your joints but watch how you excersise so you don’t damage them either. Ughhhh!!! :wink:


YOU are not alone in this. I too, am at the heaviest weight I've ever been. I do walk, however when I walk, the next few days I am so so stiff and my feet hurt so bad. My thoughts are "why walk" then if its really gonna make one suffer more.

It was recommended to me, to stay as active as possible. Water aerobics take the pressure off our already aching joints. I love the water--it makes one more flexible and relaxes one too!

Watching calorie intake helps too.....drinking lots of water will help 'feel ya up' ....eating small meals....keep as active as you can. Medications can make one retain fluids and/or hungry....

Good luck!

Thanks!!! Yes what is it with the feet?!?! I never knew a persons feet could be so outta whack and hurt so much. Good luck to you too!!!

Hello Queenie,

I used to be 18st through steriods and meds and i just know how you feel about carrying weight...walking used to hurt besides cutting pain across my back, then there was the issue of my bust size which did'nt help with extra weight but when i got back down to 9st my god was i pleased or what.

Whatever you decide to do i hope it works and keep we updated well.

Hugs Terri xxx

When I walk, my feet are sore for several days and they just ache...I walk like a 'tin man'...stiffness is more difficult to deal with!! Sometimes I wonder if walking is worth the effort and pain after the fact.

Queenie said:

Thanks!!! Yes what is it with the feet?!?! I never knew a persons feet could be so outta whack and hurt so much. Good luck to you too!!!

Well i get stiffness bad and like you say "Lanelocust"...you mays well be a Tin man for the aching and pain it gives you. xxx

I had dramatic weight loss in a 2 1/2 month period I went from 194 to 114. I did put some of the weight back on i gained back up to 130. I am 6 ft tall but now have recently over the past few weeks have lost back down to 119

I’m in the same boat- can’t get above 97lbs- and keep dropping- insane swelling lymph nodes - the weight loss started before chemo so I know it’s not related, but have lots of muscle problems- have a hard time swallowing, also have CNS involvement- but the swollen nodes are the bothersome issue-

I am usually 140 5’4…I love eating and it kills me that I can’t get much in!!! Between the alopecia (hair loss) and the weight loss, I look like I’m some sort of junkie!!! LOL- but I’m working with a nutritionist and I am doing what she tells me-

But, have been referred to John’s Hopkins at this point…

Anyone been there yet??

Queenie SEE YOU DR. ASAP! That is not normal even with a serious illness.

I agree with Sheila . See your doctor ASAP !

What do you like to do for excerise? I have found that you have to do what you love to do otherwise it won’t work. Low impact is great for joints if that’s an issue. Walking is great for weight loss and getting your cardio up same with swimming. I really like yoga (esp hot yoga) to stretch and just get recentered for the week. Some weight training is needed if your trying to loss weight and get more toned. Maybe see if you can go to a physical therapist or try a gym with small group personal training. It can get expensive but once you know what your doing and what works you can do it on your own or with a friend. You want to do about 2x weight training and 3x cardio (20-30 minutes minimum). For food you want to find out how many calories you can have per day to lose about 1-2lbs a week( which is healthy weightloss). Most trainers offer a meal plan with a package or you can go online and find out how much calories you can have. Most people it’s about 1,200. The another piece is portion sizes. To lose weight and tone you want a 50/25/25 split. Carbs (good carbs), protein, and good fats. Also cutting out sodium and increasing water intake is good. Also you want about 5-7 small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism working and about 25g of protein at lunch, diner, and breakfast.

Ann, I think you are right on with your observation here...

And since you gently remind me now and then how important good nutrition is for me- God put a new coworker in my office, and she is very nutrition conscious. It wasn't enough of being told - He knows I have to have to be shown as well : p

Anyway, she doesn't put her food in plastic, no GMOs only healthy foods... I have recently been having bloating after eating, and no appetite, and a loss of enjoyment when I eat. Going to try more veggies, and start feeling better.