Weight loss?

Ever since I was diagnosed with lupus a few years ago, I've had major issues gaining any weight, it's awful. I'll eat and eat and eat and it'll turn out that I haven't gained anything. I did go to the doctor's today, and thankfully I've put on a few pounds, but I'd still like to be heavier. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hello Lark,

I can eat anything i want and i mean anything and instead of adding weight because my meds i'm on for other issues the doctor's have said i should look like an elephant...nice comment all the same.

Lupus if you are related to it makes you lose weight and have you been checked for thyroid trouble as that can cause it besides and if your stressed/anxious or feeling depressed these issues and many more can cause the problem.

Love Terri xxx

Thank you for the input! It's nice to know others are feeling the same. Thankfully, I don't have any thyroid trouble at the moment! I'll just keep cramming food I suppose, haha :)

Hi Lark,

Your welcome the time to worry is if your ever put on any steriods mate, that's why i won't touch them plus my past dealing with them also.

Love Terri xxx


I also was like that for years and years. I am 5'7 1/2" and I weighed in at 96 to 100 lbs. I finally managed to put on 20 lbs by eating loads of carbs and protein at the same time (I'm big on vegies and fruits, fish and chicken usually) and I felt perfect with the extra 20. Although it is still underweight for my height. At the 100 and less, I was just too skinny and it didn't look good at all!

Then it seems like when I added Plaquenil again after having not taken it for awhile (Norco could have played a part too), I put on another 10-15, it varies within 5 lbs. Now, again no matter what I eat (I don't actually eat much at all due to nausea) - I stay the same just like before. I'm more than happy at this weight, with I had energy to tone it.

I never want to go back down to 100 or below and then face that struggle to go back up. Every time I would get just a flu or stomach virus I would have to be hospitalized for fluids and a watch since I also have seriously low bp.

It IS typical to lose weight with Lupus, although some of the meds can change that.

Just monitor it and try not to let it go too low if you can.


I have the opposite problem, I just look at food and I gain weight, lol. It's worse if I'm on Prednisone. Also, I was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago with Hashimotos disease (it's an auto0immune disease that affects the thyroid) and I was told that once that's under control i might start losing some weight. I sure hope so. Anyway, what oes your doctor say? Many years ago when i was pregnant I had a hard time gaining weight and my doctor told me to drink Ensure, it's that drink that most people think of as being associated to the elderly to help them gain weight if needed. It's found at grocery stores and drug stores in a variety of flavors, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry....kind of like a thin milkshake but not frozen.... Good luck and keep us posted!