Past 2 days were so bad, today the worst! I almost want to buy a heated blanket and wrap up in it. I have one heating pad and a flaxseed bag on my back, shoulder and neck. My legs hurt so bad. After work getting home seems like a dream until I look up at the stairs I have to climb just to get in. I feel like I have jello legs. One more day of work hope I make it through.

Hi Beck,

Whenever your symptoms intensify or new symptoms come up make sure you let your doc know. This is important in case your meds need to be adjusted. I hope you make it through your day and you start to feel better.

Hi, I am sorry for your pain. I understand completely. I feel very similar on Fridays too. I am grateful for my job; it helps my depression, and I am thankful for the weekend to rest. I am fortunate, my supervisor is flexable with me. If I have a migraine when I wake up, I call in sick. Then when I feel better I go into work. She is aware of the struggles I am facing.

I am grateful for this site and all of you here. It is lonely living with Lupus. I am tired of hearing, "your strong". Okay, maybe, but I am tired of being strong. I just want to enjoy life.... it is getting better with the treatment I am getting now.

Take care and have a blessed day,


Hello Beck

I hope work was better for you. I had a 20 min ride when I worked and right before I left work I would put the patches on my legs { Like the icy hot or saloon} I found they helped some. I also found if I took a warm bath as soon as I got home it helped me with the rest of the evening.