Fave Past Time of the Holidays that you WILL NEVER FORGET! :0) xoxo

Hi My Friends,

Well, it may be from when you were a tot to when you were a hormonal teenager,lol, or even an adult or a parent with children of your own.....either one, I am sure there is a FAVE moment of the holidays, regardless of what holiday it was, that means so much to you & you will NEVER forget! Simply a wonderful MEMORY! Which also gets our minds thinking too, which is a gr8 exercise for us too....helps the brain fog! ;)

Sharing these special moments & memories with each other brings us even closer at a whole other level as a lil' family here....It makes us understand more about each other, our roots, our values, & the things that mean so very much to us all.....So as always, i am excited about this discussion & what I can learn more about the friends here that I hold so close to my heart!! xo

Be Well & Alwways Keep Smiling!

Suzie :0)

my favorite part of Christmas morning was getting the nuts ans coconut and orange out of my stocking---i liked the old fashioned ribbon candy too. But when Christmas really got great was when we had kids and could make Christmas for them. I always put a ham in to cook before we went to bed (which was usually very late because we had to put the toys together) and i could never wait till the kids woke up---i started waking people up at 5

((((((())))))) what a beautiful moment


Ann A. said:

It was just two years ago that my son came home from Afghanistan, just in time for Thanksgiving. I was ill (as usual - lol). I was recuperating from kidney surgery and dealing with undiagnosed D deficiency osteomalacia. But when I saw my son sitting at the dinner table with his wife and four children I was the happiest woman in the world. So every year for the rest of my life, I will celebrate Thanksgiving as the day of his return to his family. I will always be grateful. And then I will remember to say a special prayer for the mothers whose sons and daughters did not return. It is amazing that such sadness can coexist with such joy. But the Thanksgiving that my son came home will always be a very precious holiday., You should have seen the joy on the faces of his kids.