Handicapped Parking Sticker

I never thought I'd have a handicapped sticker at my age : (

I don't know if its the holidays, the lupus, or just me: I just cry for little to no reason. I miss my mother terribly this time of the year. I told my son yesterday - you can't go "home" to what was, except in your memories. Everything changes when you leave home and start out on your own. I'm mourning my own losses, what I could do just a year ago, I can't now. Will I ever be able to again??

I was shopping with my son the other day, and I was in a power cart, and do you know how many people walk right out in front of me??? You can hear the thing moving - duh? move out of the way!!!!!! Some people don't even look at me. Sometimes I just want to stop and get up and look them in the eye.

I know this is just a phase I'm going through, and I try to stay cheery and be 'nice' but sometimes I don't feel 'nice' on the inside. Thanks for letting me vent. Love you all, Trisha

Hi Trisha,

Letting things out helps we all and regarding the handicapped lark i've had it since my strokes mate in my 20s...had no choice but it's terrible what life drops on we.

Missing your mom is understandable, i cry every march and decembers for his death and birthday and he passed away 9yrs ago but you never lose that feeling of loss and closeness.

Trisha the lupus gets we down that much that it makes we emotional then it gets our brain kicking into all thoughts of what we did and had.

Don't ever expect outsiders to be polite Trisha it's the same here...so much ignorance in todays society, it's not the same as years back when there was alot of respect, if it gets you angry don't hold it inside speak out...as i do.

Trisha we all love you loads mate and i really hope your ok with what your coping with.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-juDN0j6R2YE/TxGEiU5EUrI/AAAAAAAAAaI/Rd2lYqRSgFE/s1600/thinking_of_you_002.gifHug & kisses to a wonderful friend. xxx