Famous people with lupus

did you know that Mary Todd Lincoln suffered for years with ailments and the historians believe she suffered from lupus. She was very misunderstood and ridiculed her entire life....she was brave and determined....she is my inspiration.

Toni Braxton and one for the girls from TLC also had lupus

T-Boz from TLC has sickle cell anemia... Not Lupus..

Toni Braxton's brother Michael Braxton has Lupus as well.

Charles Kuralt had lupus.

Seal has lupus Venus and serena williams have sjorgren’s. Michael jackson was rumored to have lupus

Nick Cannon has lupus nephritis

Portia d Rossi AND TRICK DADDY have lupus too

Lady Gaga tested "borderline" positive....that's what she says.

My Great Aunt Flora had Lupus and she is my Hero. She was always frail and couldn't be in the sun. I had no idea what Lupus was, but Aunt Flora was brave. She ended up getting Parkinson's and it took her from us. They say that SLE Lupus isn't genetic, but I KNOW it is....I got it, too!


I was diagnosed in Dec 2010, I think I had for many years before. I had many sicknesses tha resembled Lupus but they did not know what it was. My uncle had Mystinia Gravis, which is a sister to Lupus or was it the blood transfusion I had when I had cancer. So in my mind I am the hero who has gone through all this besides 7 miscarriages tp find out I have Lupus now.

My son told me that Nick Cannon (the young actor married to Mariah Carey) has it. That's more his age group. Toni Braxton had to cancel her show here. That's how I found out about her. We are all determined ladies (and rarely but surely men) and should try to be inspirations ourselves. :)

Hugs to all of you,


I think she might just be "borderline" I am not even sure what that means.

loriken214 said:

Lady Gaga tested "borderline" positive....that's what she says.