Dr. Wallace

I’m going to see one the top doctors for lupus. He treated Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, and Paula Abdul. Im excited and have a list of questions for him. Everyone that has seen him says he fixed all there issues and they would be dead without him.

If he truly is that amazing, everyone here needs to make a trip out to west Hollywood and see Dr. Wallace!

Hello MoeMoe,

I hope he turns out to be the best for you also and treats you as you need it and my fingers are truly crossed for you and he covers all aspects.

Please update we when we can...as we'd all like to know how you got on.

Hugs Terri xxx

Good for you MoeMoe,

Well come on over to Living With Fibro, where I do most of my moderating. It's a great group, Terri even belongs there, so does Faye, and pop in to say hi once in a while! Hope your bloods come back clean! I have Lupus symptoms too, but believe me, Fibro is enough to handle!

Wishing you well,


My Rheumy is a great one too, besides he is a clinical asst University professor, so he teaches the lab work of Rheumatology. Swears it's all genetic, they even think they found the 'predispositon gene', and I have read that there is an on and off switch to this gene. Maybe someday it can be changed before birth! Woundn't that be miraculous!

I wish you well,


Hello MoeMoe,

I am pleased you found him considerate besides his staff and like SK (Susan) said fibro is enough to deal with, Fibro and lupus are identical in symptoms plus can have identical autoimmune diseases follow, the only difference is Lupus is blood related and alot of rheumo's won't diagnose it unless they have enough proof to....i do hope the bloods make a fianl diagnosis for you where you know where you stand in life and what your totally dealing with besides the right combination of meds to help you.

It will be nice seeing you on www.livingwithfibro.org as the more knowledge you get on these conditions all the better.

Love Terri xxx

Please share your experience.


Hello MoeMoe,

You'll find the fibro site very interesting with symptoms and what members suffer besides on here :)

Well i am keeping my fingers crossed regarding your blood work and please let we know when you have your results.

Oh MoeMoe 33 is now age for this lot besides younger members who suffer but it sounds like your life at the moment is on the end of a piece of string....if things work out to how you want them i really hope and pray you find someone nice in life who you can settle with...like yourself i wanted children in my late 20s with my first hubby and it never happened and never did but i'm grateful in a way the life i had with him for nerly 2yrs.

You reply when you can as we totally understand and i hope your new year for 2013 brings better things your way.

Hugs Terri xxx