Extreme PMS or extreme depression & anxiety

I have recently been put on anti-depressants (to be honest I am willing to try anything). For around a year now the two weeks before my period begins have become increasingly bad.....Not only do all aches and pains increase, but my mood has been effected to an extreme point and I wondered if this is common?

The past three months have been extremely frightening really and I am at a point of really dreading these two weeks out of each month........fearing that I'll actually lose my place in the plot, so to speak. It is terrifying, everything just seems suddenly black, no matter how much I do to remain positive, I worry so much that I feel my head will burst and I feel I am the most useless, worthless, waste of a person on the planet....(and can I just say that I am 'naturally' a very positive person, so this is very much out of character). I have had fairly recent bereavement and things and do find the illness and constant changes in my life difficult but what I feel I am experiencing each month is........extreme!!!!

Can anyone relate to this or offer advice?

Kaz x

Heck Yeah, I am right in this category Kaz! Man, the more issues our lives brings our way, the worse we feel, it is almost like “Murphy’s law”, our hormones wreak havoc on our already worn bodies, therefore causing a spiral effect, making us feel like HOLY MOLY what is happening to my body & mind! Stress my dear, is a major cause and now that you have been given the antidepressants you should find relief…it does take time though, so try to be patient. RELIEF is in the horizon, try to stay postive and always try to smile and laugh through all of the bad, it will help you fight your way to the sunnier side and no longer willl you feel alone in the darkness. I am here whenever you need to vent or chat! Hng in there, I feel ur pain, u will be OK and so will all of us, we just need a pep talk every now and then! SO GO KAZ, LOL, Hey I was the mascot of my HS foootball tem, and I have to say I was pretty damn good at it, LOL!!! Xoxoxoxo Suzie :0)

Hi Kaz

I too was begging my GP for help about a year ago as I was getting to such a state the week before my period that I was frightened that I would hurt myself or a member of my family. Which is quite shocking as I am "normally" a very positive person. I was put on fluoxetine and take a low dose daily, and to be honest it is the best thing I have done, my PMT is still there but it is "normal" i.e I am more like the old me with PMT rather than a manic version of myself. Please see this as a positive step and you grabbing a bit of control back.

All the best