At the hospital getting ready for my endoscopy:) im not very excited to go under general anastasia agin since I just had surgery may 9th… my lungs definitely don’t like it:/hopefully this will give more insight to why im constantly nauseous and throwing up bile, im over it!

Dawncelest, You have to find out what is wrong to make it right. I'm hoping there is an answer so you can stop with the nausea and throwing up! Thinking of you, LupanCatwoman

Good luck with the procedure! Maybe they used verset instead of general anesthesia, it’s a lot easier to tolerate and frequently used for endoscopies and colonoscopies. I love verset! You wake up right away, no grogginess and are ready to leave!
I hope they find out what’s wrong and can fix it!

Im home! Had IV anastasia , so far so good:)all the nurses were very nice and keep me very comfortable in lots of warm blankets… I was in recovery a while longer , I always take longer than usual to come out of it because im so small. When I woke up my very nice dr was standing next to my bed with pictures in hand so I knew he had something to tell me. So he begins telling me that stomach tissues is supposed to be lite pink but apparently mine is bright red! He said I have a very angry stomach lol… there’s also issues with the fragility of the “healthier” looking pink tissues in my upper stomach. I ended up with a tear just from the camera tube going in. Ive thrown up bits of bright red blood before and I would say that I think I have a tear, guess I was right. He did a tissue biopsies and shoulder hear by next week. I’m sure it’s just show some sort of inflammation, im not worried about cancer or anything crazy. . unfortunately he said what I have wouldn’t cause nausea, he’s thinking its attributed to my pain medication primarily and the of course all the heavy duty immunosuppressives/chemotherapy treatments I have been and am currently on.the problem with that theory is all the nausea and vomiting started last summer, before almost all of those drugs… I was taking cyclosporine and morphine er as needed for a few months before having any stomach symptoms. So im really hoping it’s not a symptom of my pancreantit cyst:/ im due to have a 6 month scan of my pancreas in September to see if it’s changed at all so we’ll see. I also have a non alcoholic fatty liver so maybe that might be attributing to the nausea?? Im so thankful for zofran, it definitely helps maintain a quality of life . You can’t do anything when you’re literally green from nausea! This Thursday have an appointment with my hematologist and rheumatologist at UM Sylvester. Hopefully we can figure out my animia ,very low absolute lymphocytes and sticky blood. Thankfully plavix seems to be working to make my blood nice and thin again:)then across the hall to the rhuemy to discuss another failed treatment… on the positive I do think cyclosporine helped my relapsing polycondritus because the top of my ear hasn’t deteriorated since she up my dose about 6 weeks ago. It’s only a small part of my body but its excruciating when it’s inflamed and the cartilage is deteriorating. The very top is slightly folding over now so im so scared that in the next flare or 2 its just gonna completely flop down:( ok let me not go there! One day and issue at a time:)

Im meet I was talking cellcept last summer , im on cyclosporine now…can’t keep up with all these drugs lol xo

Good luck - I hope you find out what is causing the issues, that there is a treatment they can give you some relief, and that everything turns out the way you'd like it to.