Crazy question...but is there any help out there to get a laptop or pad to communicate online like this?

I have a desktop and get so tired sitting here....too broke to buy new laptop or other...just wondering.


I know it is difficult when you have no money. I had a really nice laptop and accidentally spilt 7-up on it and ruined it last October. Then, I was lucky enough to receive a dividend and was able to purchase a regular laptop on sale at Frye's (they have the best prices I think) for $300. It is an off brand - Fujitsu, but it is a really good computer.

The other thing you could do is move the desktop computer closer to your bed where you can see the screen and stretch the keyboard and mouse over to you. Or get a wireless mouse and/or wireless keyboard- Logitech makes several good inexpensive ones.

Just ideas - good luck with the fundraising idea though.