Could Vitamin D Deficiency be linked to Fog?

So, I am a tab obsessed with vitamin D (everyone knows that about five minutes after we are introduced). I read the books. I receive abstracts of the newly published research and then when time allows, I read the research.

I am very intrigued by the research that deals with the association between vitamin D deficiency and cognitive functioning. There is more than one group of researchers investigating the role of vitamin D deficiency in dementia.

I wonder if vitamin D deficiency plays a role in "fog." I have experienced lupus fog and thyroid fog. But I also know that the most severe fog I have experienced was when my vitamin D level dropped to 4 ng/ml. I was very sick. In addition to the fatigue, weakness, and bone pain I found it very difficult to think clearly. I have tended to blame that on the pain. But now I wonder if vitamin D deficiency itself plays a role in cognitive fog.

Any thoughts?

I was told last year I had a severe vitamin D deficiency, which really made sense as I seldom go outside. I was in nursing school several years ago when things got really bad, I've noticed over the last couple of years I have more fog than normal, I've been taking some online courses and finding I have trouble concentrating and have to reread everything 3 or 4 times just to grasp the idea, even then I don't retain it. I was blaming it on the lupus fog, but I suppose as they learn more about the vitamin D, they will link it to the fog. I know they've tied it to immune function and that its not actually a vitamin but a hormone which I found interesting. Either way the fog can be really irritating and make you feel like you're getting stupid.

I wish I knew the answer to that. I take one gel tablet (prescription only) for 50,000 mg. Each week of vitamin D. I haven’t looked into any connections between low vitamin D, and auto-immune problems. Interesting question. Barbara

It is interesting since we tend to stay out of the sun more. I know people who use the full spectrum lights for SAD. Not sure how they would work for Lupus.

Where have you gotten help with Thyroid? I read Thyroid Power and went to Dr Shames...I feel better now that I am taking a little levothyroxine .but don't take much. My Vi D low as well. I have upped it. I have found a doctor who is going to help me get info on photo-sensitive research...don't have it yet. I am trying to set up a bank for women to donate their bodies to

research to help find clues to the causes and effects of Lupus on the body. Beginning stages...if anyone has info on this topic I would appreciate it. Soory gota run


There's no doubt in my mind that it plays a big role in cognitive fog. My Vit D was very low, and have improved since taking my daily Vit D. The fog that I had has diminished, and I'm able to concentrate more at work, and not get all confused and overwhelmed like I was before. It has also improved my fibromyalgia symptoms.

I’ve taken D for years and am usually in the low normal range. I feel it hasn’t made a difference for me as far as my lupus but I have read a lot of the research as well and think it is very important. I recently met a woman with MS who takes 10,000 IU every day. She says it has made a huge difference for her. I am going to ask Dr to check it next time and ask her about increasing my dose. Not sure about a dose that high though.