What do you think of this vitamin D deficiency quiz? Did somebody say that had sneezing attacks?

OK, so I am a Health and Nutrition Education student who is writing a thesis on the global crisis of vitamin D deficiency. This means that my inbox is always full of new information about vitamin D deficiency. I have not yet formed an opinion about this online test. But as I read through it, I remembered someone - sorry brain too old and fried to remember name - on Life with Lupus writing about sneezing attacks. So, I thought that I would post the link and ask for comments on the questions that it asks. The "test" has about 30-31 questions and can be finished fairly quickly.

It was sent to me with the following description.

A fun way to 'test' your vitamin D levels and find out how much sunshine time you need per day. Take your test at http://www.vitamindelta.org/ - be sure to leave your suggestions for improvement at the end.

Of course for many of us the problem is that we can't get anywhere near the sunshine time that we need to synthesize adequate amounts of vitamin D. But I would love to know if you found the "test" to be fun and if you also found it to be helpful.

Yes, I found it interesting. My doctor discovered my Vit. D level was nearly zero several years ago. He put me on 50,000 units once per week. It did bring my serum level into the normal range after 6 mo.s. I found that the manic-depression cycle I had since my teens, was almost unnoticeable after 1 year on Vit. D. With the on-set of late lupus, my vit D levels have dropped again. I have to avoid being in the sun now, as I burn instantly, develop a fever and feel deathly ill (I assume this is the lupus as I have loved being in the sun all of my life.). The test, above, suggested that I take 300,000 units of Vit. D daily. That level seems to border on being toxic??? I would not take that amount without my doctor's approval and regular testing.