Constant swelling

It can’t be good, right? My arms, wrists, legs, knees, ankles, and lymph nodes have been.swollen for months now! I would think that not a good sign. But none of the doctors I’ve been to seem to care. Am I thinking more into this than I should be?

Swelling is very common with lupus. Lupus is an inflammatory disese. Now your lymph knodes… That’s strange. To me anyways. I never had that happen… Maybe see if a doctor can draw some labs…? That could be a sign of infection, but I’m not sure since I’m not a medical prof. I would try to cut out as much salt/sodium as possible! Try to drink just water. I’m sorry u are miserable. I know it feels like it’s never going to get better, but it will! Just stay strong and pray. Write down how u feel and post it. Believe it or not it does help!

Swelling in the body is called edema. It’s the retaining of water.This can happen in Lupus patients with high blood pressure, and kidney function issues. If you go to an emergency room, they won’t do anything for you there, try to schedule an appointment as soon as possible for your regular doctor. If your doctor can’t help you, find a new one! Sunshinespraypaint was right to tell you to lay off the salty food, it will make things worse. Keep a journal of you experience as far as symptoms, this way you can tell the doctor everything that’s happening. Tell the doctor to look at your urine cultures, look at thyroid levels, look at your ANA test, blood levels etc. tell them your suspicions. Arm yourself with as much information as possible because sometimes doctors will not test you for anything unless you are insistent. I don’t know why this happens, but it does. Demand care! Don’t be passive. Here is some info on the types of testing done to spot Lupus . Be well.

My doctor prescribed a water pill when I first went to him about my feet and ankles swelling. I try to drink at least 84 to100 oz of water, I like to add a water enhancer like Mio cause I'm not a good water drinker on my own. Yesterday I didn't drink any water at all because I was out of Mio, and today I have only 1 pair of pants that I can wear, because I am so bloated. My Rheumatologist said he could give me prednisone for swelling, but the side effect is weight gain, and I am trying to lose weight so we decided against it.

Hi Tiffany,

Regarding the swelling of arms etc happens with Lupus that's one of the main issues we suffer besides the lovely pain kicking in and lymph nodes can either develope on their own or be caused by Lupus....i had one in my throat which grew and ENT removed it, then i had another form by my left ear started off as pea size and did swell and burst on it's own it was terrible to see but it was operated twice on and now another two have come in the same area...i've got to finally get them removed.

I'm not being nasty but your Doctor is'nt half slow...lymph nodes grow inside a sack lining and they like to catch them early before they grow so the lining is fully removed, so you should be sent to a specialist for those...through mine bursting open, the sack was left inside so the first op was to remove it, then it started hurting and bulging so they operated again and all poision shot out....lymph nodes are also know as cysts

I'm adding a few pic's off what mine would have looked like swollen and when it burst open and left the hole and what one looks like.... as i deleted mine from my pc...(these are why they must be treated).

First stage full growth and starting to burst

What the Lymph node (Cyst) looks like in the sack...if caught properly by operation

The hole it leaves if not attended properly by an operation (This is how mine was)