Concetration and memory issues

Does anyone else have difficulty with concentration and memory loss ?? I find myself unable to remember some details and following along in conversations. My family gets very frustrated and always accuses me of not paying attention to them.

Yes...I do.! I Try using humor with my loved ones..with the outside world i tread carefully though.

Its a good thing the world moves so fast most people dont notice the struggle going on with me.

Yes, I do! Its very frustrating too...........:(

Me too. I find that it happens when my brain is very tired. I do tour's of the school and last week I could not find words that I wanted. However, I hop they didn't notice because I went the long way around to get my meaning out. In your case I am sorry I can't give you any advise in regards to your family. But the above suggestion of humor sounds good. Or be honest with them.

Yep. You’re not alone. It’s very frustrating.

Yes, all the time. I am "lucky" that my age and my peers all are having some of the same problems. When I was younger I was honest about the fog and those who refused to understand I ignored including my bosses. It wasn't worth it to me to explain to them and when it came to them having trouble they might get it and realize how narrow minded they were. It is funny how things have happened to those intolerant people and I wonder what they think now. Just hang in there because it is true what goes around comes around. Also, I forced myself to recheck my work because of my concentration, etc and learned to do it speedily, that I had almost no errors. Do you have someone in the family you are especially close to that will help you "fill in" what you weren't able to get? It is now a family joke that we all share and I don't feel like I am being made fun of anymore.

I thought that was why it is called lupee?

Same here with concentration and memory issues. My family also used to get annoyed because of it. It took a long time for them to accept that this is the new me and that I can’t help it. Now that it’s going on 5 years this has been happening they have accepted it. I also have trouble hearing some days and they used to get angry about that, too. They thought I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying to me because I’d ask them to repeat themselves so often. I would get angry at them for getting angry with me for something I have no control over. Now I let them know at the start of the day if my hearing is bad that day, so we don’t have any misunderstandings.

I’m 24 n it’s been happening quite a lot to me as of lately. Does anyone knows y?

I am forever losing my words. It's so embarrassing.

Every day. Sometimes I take rhodeolia (?). It’s an herb for mental clarity

All the time, some days it’s worse than others. It’s embarrassing at times and I feel quite stupid…but I just try and laugh at it and then let it go…

Thanks to all who responded !! I am grateful to see that I am not alone and that I have this site to ask questions to !! The support has been incredible :)

Yes, and this has caused a lot of trouble with my adult kids (and work too). I set up a shared Google calendar and have asked my daughters to add the events that they want me to attend. For example, my daughter added "babysit the boys" on there for yesterday. I also add in my appointments and that way we all stay in synch and I don't forget to go to a birthday party or other important event. I get embarrassed every day with my memory loss at work. I was running a meeting the other day and suddenly couldn't remember anybody's name. And I have a difficult time putting words together when I'm speaking, to the point that I worry people will think I'm not very intelligent. Sigh.

I have the same problem, it's called cognitive dysfunction. I have trouble with names & remembering things. I always carry a pad to write down things I want to remember. I find this is worse in a flare up. I thought I had dementia & had a work up by a neurologist. The brain scan was normal.

Oh my goodness!!! What a relief to read this you guys have no idea! Lol!!! I forget basic stuff at work all the time and at home. At work when I’m on their crunch time schedule of everything has to be done now and all of a sudden I cannot remember how to do it I feel so inadequate and frustrated at my cognitive fog for picking that moment to kick in…lol…and humiliated cause the people at work don’t understand. A psychiatrist testing me for brain injury before my official lupus diagnosis had me so flustered and my cognitive fog was so bad she said you must have conversion disorder! What my doctor said! She doesn’t have conversion she has lupus with cognitive fog!

Does this mean we have to live with this for the rest of our lives?

OC GAL said:

I have the same problem, it's called cognitive dysfunction. I have trouble with names & remembering things. I always carry a pad to write down things I want to remember. I find this is worse in a flare up. I thought I had dementia & had a work up by a neurologist. The brain scan was normal.

Yes, Piper. For me to joke about it a little and I call it brain fog at certain times, is the best way to handle it. When I was still working I would redirect my fog problem to a question such as: have you ever had brain fog and you suddenly forgot what you were going to say?" That usually made people laugh and agree that we all have those times. And we do. yes, we probably have it a bit more but it joins us together rather then separates us true fog problem people from others. My philosophy has always been what everyone has in common rather then what the differences are and honesty is truly the best policy. In work situations I don't go into a great amount of detais but a little bit helps.

Too funny, TN Mom! I'm going to have to use that one, cause it happens to me ALL THE TIME!!! Especially when I am tired. Thank goodness my family and friends are used to it, but it is very embarrassing in public situations with people who don't know me. I have pulled back from socializing because of it...makes me very angry and my husband really misses our social life...but he understands.

Yes absolutely I do this! Also im having problems with getting my words confused an mixed all up when im trying to speak. Sometimes it gets pretty extreme, its scary! And sometimes its just a little an so i will try to laugh it off r whatever (: Good luck with your family! Why dont u try printing out some info on this situation for them. Maybe seeing it written by competent well known rheumatologists will help them understand u r just not paying attention to them. I know dealing with family when it comes to trying to get them to understand is a bit frustrating. Sometimes when people dont understand something they tend to be a bit closed minded i guess u could say. I feel so alone in this all the time. My family want even try to read up on it to try an understand what im going thru. God bless u and your family (: