Concetration and memory issues

I would suggest letting your loved ones read the comments here, so they can see for themselves it’s not just you or something that you are exaggerating. Maybe seeing how this personally affects the lives of many people with lupus will make them more understanding. I think this may have more of an impact instead of having them read literature about it. It’s worth a shot.

I even forgot my phone number once. I was in education and am not a slouch in the brains department but I feel like I am going backwards. I posted once about actual hallucinations. Make sure you are careful, but also make sure if you are doing something like driving somewhere that you can handle it. Welcome to Lupus Fog.

Explain to your loved ones about it. My husband is patient with me (most of the time), but I still find it handy to make notes about most important things like when he is travelling, doctor appts, and taking meds. Honestly, that's the one I forget most. I just get more frustrated with myself, but my Rhuemy is very good about always checking my cognitive function. Make sure yours is doing that as well, and make certain you report any unusual symptoms. When I first started seeing her I couldn't finish a thought (how embarassing), getting a little better though.

Understand it will be a part of you now, make whatever adjustments to your routine for that, and take it easy on yourself.



yes i do, names are the worse for me, and filling and concentrating on forms :(

oh em gee,

i was nervous to open this post. afraid I wouldhave a new diagnose. LOL.

But seems that we are all just agreeing that memory issues are real.

yet its common... and we are Not crazy. :)

I also have bad memory loss... I often hear my 5 year old son say to me "Ma, did you forget again", lol... He's such a character, but I just smile and say yes baby, mommie forgot AGAIN!!!!

Hello Callie,

Snap this is such a bad issue with myself and i suffer from mainly short term memory loss with Lupus, long is'nt so bad but i think it's through issues i've suffered in the past caused it where long is'nt so bad and regarding concentration it's another long issue where Lupus is involved.

The link below shows so many symptoms involved where memory and concnetration are concerned :)