Comming to terms

It much as it pains me ,I was laid off my job back in early April and since have desperately looking for a job,I Have been out on interviews even been out on a job run and barely made it through the morning and find myself compelled back to the bed from exhaustion from all the walking and dehydration from the heat and just plain out feeling crumy,now feet burn and are numb with pain of course that means back to another specialist and more monies whicih to i donot have.Now my unemployment has taken its course and run out I have been putting applications in since January going and some work interviews and countless job fairs,the company is either wanting to work the crap out of you for little work or you are not physically capable of handling the work. It much as it hurts me and tears up my heart ,for health reasons it would be in my best to Come to Terms,now I hear ssi wants you to be out of work for 5 months due to disability.I would pray I could find work at home,Nothing.This disease, This disease,Their isnot 1 word to describe it.

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I'm in the same boat. I owned a business for 5 years but I was so confused about taking out social security on myself that I never did. I don't think I can qualify for disability but I think I can go for the ssi. This disease is a nightmare. I've been trying to find fulltime work but hadn't but now there is no way I can do it. It's just too much.

Rebecca, maybe you can pay social security 5 years back by re- filing your taxes. I recommend you ask accountant to help, (ask how much they cost) and call the IRS and ask them. I would also find out how many units you have. I was fired for being to sick to work, and just barely made the units I needed. But social security gave me units for the whole last year.
Lia, you need to apply. Maybe where you apply won’t be as backed up as California. You’ve already been out of work the 5 months. I wouldn’t be able to apply for work the way you are. It is nothing to be ashamed of that you are so sick, or force yourself to get sicker. But I know how helpless and upsetting it is. Saying something out loud helps you and others. There are a lot of people around me who don’t get it, but the truth will help you. Please start filling out the application. If you can work in a year, then you can go off it until you need it again. You pay into for this reason. I just have come to accept my health, though not every minute or every day. But I’ve had lupus since the mid '80’s. It wasn’t always this bad.

I agree with jane, you need to apply for disability, I kept working and now I realize those 10 extra years I kept working weren't worth what it costs me in health, its hard to accept you're too sick to work, I've had this since the late 80's, over the years it just kept getting more complicated, I kept getting sicker, but wouldn't listen to my body or my doctors, I just kept working til it almost killed me, don't do it it is not worth what it costs in the long run.

I was curious so I checked and I actually paid my social security taxes, lol. Told yall I was confused. I actually have enough credits to file so that helps a great deal. I will be applying.

When I filed for disability they put my date of disability back to when I lost my job - not when I filed. I admitted in my application that one of the reasons I lost my job was due to a Lupus affecting my performance.
File ASAP and put your date of disability back to when lupus affected your job performance. Even though I was collecting unemployment and actively, though not successfully, job hunting - they counted that time as my 5 month waiting period.
I was approved 5 months after my application was submitted and actually got retroactive payments. It’s been a life-saver!

It is just so nice to hear the replies and know they are helping more people than they think,What a nice place to read and know you are not alone

I received my SSD 6 months after I applied. It’s difficult coming to terms that you may not be able to work full time but if your health a l lows you are able to work parttime and e a re 1025.00 per month without being pen a lized. That is 250.00 per week.

god bless you dear, and i hear exactly what you are saying, i just wish they would come up with a cure for this damn disease, or at least a decent medication we could take...................................... purrs..catspaw1955

I have been out of work since 2001. I have actually been told I’m a health hazard and unemployable. I have been on SSDI but the insurance keeps uping the deductibles, and they want me to see so many different specialist that I can’t afford to even go to them and then my PCP gets mad at me and says I’m not doing my part. (Breathe) I have broken bones, COPD, CHF, Lupus, Graves Disease