Frustrated and out of ideas

Hello everyone, I just need to vent for a bit. I have been looking into applying for disability but after reading all about it, I realize that I make too much money to qualify. I work a full time job, not sure how I do it, but it's a matter of necessity. I truly hate my job. I have been there over 8 years and I called in last Friday because I had a bit of a stomach virus (that lasted all weekend and even into today). I made it into work a bit late this morning and the first thing my manager does is call me into her office to let me know that if I miss one more day of work before January that I will be written up. No joke, I can miss no more than four days all year. Still not sure why I have over 4 weeks of sick time if I can't use it. There are many days that I barely make it through the day and then go home, collapse in bed to get ready to do it again. My feet, hands, elbows, knees, etc hurt all the time. If not from lupus, then from RA or if not those, then fibro, etc. I'm sure we are all familiar with the story. Looking into disability, if I make more than $1,070 a month, then they won't even look at me. I looked into getting some work placement from my state and I discovered there is a waiting list for that. How do people do it? I just need a bit of help to find a job that will be easier on me. I am so close to just walking out of my job but common sense tells me that that would not be a good idea. Okay, so sorry for the rant. I guess I am just looking for a bit of guidance here. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance and I hope every single one of you has a feel-good day!

Does your employer know you have lupus? its a trick bag we all eventually get into, we can work but need to take off from time to time because of illness, then the employer can say well you can't do your job if you're not here, or they have ridiculous attendance policies, I used to always come back with a doctor's note, but my employer knew I had lupus and worked with me the last couple of years I was able to work. Once I realized I couldn't keep working, meaning I finally accepted that this time there was no coming back to work after being out a year on FMLA I applied for ssid, 7 specialists wrote letters on my behalf stating I could no longer work in any capacity, ssid denied my claim, I appealed and won its horrible the way the process works. Now a days while they accept lupus to some degree as being disabling its still very hard to get disability. I hope this helps, and wish you luck.

Hi hopeful, I hope you had a great day today. I do appreciate your thoughtful response to my venting. A little more information to share is that my employer knows I have several ailments. They feel it is no excuse for me to miss work. Case in point, I have missed only four days this year and I am already getting lectured and threatened with being written up if I miss any more work. I feel like I have no options. I either quit and have less income to survive on or work in so much pain I can't function properly. I am just praying for a door to open for me. I know God has a plan, I just don't know if I have any more patience. Take care of yourself and thanks again.

I’m sorry. I truly understand. I also work 45-50 hours a week because I have to. I also collapse once I get home and do nothing but rest and sleep on weekends. While I get little paid leave my employer has been understanding when I have had severe issues that required hospitalization and extended leave but I have been with them almost 12 years. Like you I work through the fatigue and pain. About a year ago I developed pericarditis that has become chronic and off and on pleuritis. So often I am almost in tears by end of day and I wonder how long I can do this. My boss has finally given me an extra tech a couple days a week so I hopefully can keep my work hours to 45 instead of 50.
We are all human. Surely you can’t be the only one to miss a few days this year. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this added stress. I pray a less stressful job comes your way.

Get a free consultation with a lawyer. In my opinion only, I would let them fire me! There is a new initiative which fast tracks many cases. Years ago, it took me 18 mos. to get mine with a lawyer. Just a few years ago I applied for my adult daughter myself. She was approved in 30 days! I did have her paperwork organized, which helped . I wish you luck, it can be done.

I,too,have applied for the disability,only to be told Im not sick enoughHow sick do you have to be?I am so lucky that i have a husband who will do everything when Im not capable.Most people dont reolize thatthere are mANY SICKNESSES THAT DONT SHOW.oNE LADY TOLD ME SHE KNEW LOTS OF PEOPLE WITH LUPUS AND NONE WERE SICK.

Hello Eagle41, Donna and gladmari! I truly value your stories and opinions. Ealgle41, do you mind if I ask what type of work you do? You work a crazy amount of hours! I hope you are able to find some relief soon. Donna, I am definitely going to look into getting a free consultation with a lawyer. I didn't even think about that. Thank you for the suggestion. gladmari, I have often wondered how we are supposed to look to show that we are sick. I am happy that you have a husband that is happy to help out. My husband does that as well. I am definitely going to change the direction my life is going. My health is more important and we only get one shot at this. Wishing you all a wonderful, feel-good day.

Apply for it! I don’t think your income factors into it. Once you apply online, you’ll eventually get feedback from them. I, too, had a cree lawyer consult. It took me 6 months to get it without needing the lawyer. I think hour doctor’s report to them matters a lot, so ask his opinion.

The criteria for disability is whether you are 'capable' of earning $1070 per month at any job- by currently working full time it becomes more difficult to prove that you are now incapable of doing any job Certainly all your doctors will need to be on board to document your physical incapability to work as a result of this disease Having an attorney puts the odds more in your favor

I made very good money that has nothing to do with it. The more you make the more you will bring home a month and that's good.

With disability you get 60 percent of your work income.

Have you had your vitamin D levels checked???