Can't Sleep

Since you guys had such great advice last time I have another question for you. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in months. I used to work the overnight shift 10pm-6am and I took Ambien CR so I could sleep during the day and be up at night. Once I left in March I stopped taking the Ambient and figured eventually my sleep schedule would adjust and for a while it did. Then I don’t know what happened but I couldn’t get any good rest at all day or night. If I’m lucky I’ll get three hours of continuous sleep and maybe if I lay in bed long enough I can squeeze another 2 hours out but that’s it. I’ve tried a lot of different natural things to “reset” my circadian rhythm (rituals, teas, essential oils, massage, changed bedding, feng sui, aromatherapy, mineral balancing, vitamin, ) short of going back on meds I don’t know what else to try. It’s going on four months now and I just want a good refreshing nights sleep the kind where when you wake up you’re ready to take on the world.

I had almost the same problem except that I didn't work the night shift. Ask you doc for some 1mg Xanax! it works! the only reason I'm awake now is because I am in a lot of pain and my dogs woke me up to go outside. PLEASE ask your Doc for some 1mg Xanax! I promise you will sleep! Don't let them give you a bunch of other crap be firm when asking for the Xanax

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^^^ thank you

Agreed Xanax is heaven sent for sleep. I take mine with some hot tea & its beddy bye for me. You’ll love it

I no how u feel,i never worked the night shift but for about the last 5 yrs i cant sleep either,i was on sleeping pills for awhile but i dont like to take meds because of side effects,so i take all natural melatonin 5mg and u can take 2 of them,but i also have to take a prescribed pain med so i take it before bed and it helps,but i cant sleep at all during the day,no matter how tired i get,unless i take a melatonin,and what i like about it is after about 4hrs it wears off so your not groggy.good luck.

oh i forgot to tell u these r over the counter at walmart,dollar general,ect

I take a natural sleep aid called Deep Sleep and it really helps. You can but it on Amazon or at Whole Foods. Good luck.

Tylenol PM or Advil PM every night for me. I get sleepy about an hour after taking it and sleep thru the night. Calms the leg pain down too so it solves 2 problems.
I think I remember reading that melatonin was not good for Lupus patients because it can affect the immune system?

I still take ambein nightly. I tried tylenol pm but I felt bad in the morning. I wake up so much better with the ambein, I tried all the natural things too, but no luck!! Did you try the ambein at night?

Good luck!

@Geneva I did try the ambien at night but I think my problem with ambien is I really have built up a tolerance for it I’ve been on it for over a year… Probably closer to two years. But in terms of the otc stuff I have tried every otc sleep aid on the market. I’ve never tried Xanax but I will definitely try it, if I can get my Dr to prescribe it. I

Elita, let me know if the Xanax works. I have been on ambien too long myself! We just have to see what works the best for us. When I don't sleep life is not happy!!

Try making your bedroom cooler. Sometimes just a degree or two makes all the difference . Hope I helped. God bless Julie

Melatonin & Benadryl. Took about a month, but really changed my ability to sleep for multiple hours, in several chunks. My rheumo recommended both.

What are you eating and drinking after 6 pm? If you would like something natural i take a supplement by allergy research group called 200 m of zen. It’s very relaxing. I also enjoy a cup of chamomile tea and meditation( guided) if i am not able to sleep.

Web MD has an article about resetting your circadian rhythm that may help.
If all else fails I use unisom. But Unisom has different formulas. I use the one that has doxylamine at the main ingredient (not diphenhydramine which is Benadryl) even 1/2 tablet keeps me sleeping through the night.

I take two 5mg melatonin,it gets me at least 5 hrs,I like the chewable orange,just easier to take after taking so many other meds,sleep has never been my friend,I’m very high strung and have a hard time resting no matter how tired I get…good luck…

Hi I used to have a terrible time getting to sleep and staying asleep. We all know that getting a restful night sleep is REALLY important for people with Lupus. I tried many different things and I finally went to my rheumy and he gave me a 1mg Xanax to use at night ONLY! it has worked like a charm I am not hung over in they morning and I feel rested and ready to face the day. Please give it a try it really does help!

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