Last straw effort here! This rash of mine is annoying...Im now covered with it :(

I JUST read that Buttermilk interacts with food and pollen which is out, so Im going to

be trying this tonight....This better work...Ive tried everything! Witch Hazel, certain foods,

creams, steroids, chemo, you name it I tried it......Buttermilk Im Praying works, if It does I will

let you know....Anyone else hear of this? Love Rachel

I never use buttermilk before…but I have use TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE CREAM and it help alot…how u ever try this cream?..

I have heard of people taking milk baths...maybe it was buttermilk...i bet it is really good for the skin if you use the fatty kind...no skim for bathing i would guess...right?

I love you rachel! ttysoon i hope

oh but i found out today why my hands and feet are cracked and brown...mechanic's hand someone said...myu nutritiopnist ssaid it was from the meds I take for cholestreol! it takes the fat out of blood but it takes the fat we need for skin too...so now I have food for thought...to take the meds...or give up...(sheepish grin) bacon.lol

but i love bacon! When I was 12 I had just had my heart broken by some guy and my mom found me weeping gut wrenching sobs on the front porch; I had a spatula in my hand and the bacon was sizzling away in the kitchen. She said with appropriate alam "What's wrong????" so I told her...and she said..with appropriate hesitation..."Are you cooking bacon?"

"YEs...I sobbed...snubsnubsnub I know I will be hungery when I get through cry--y--y--ing

oh lol...i thought you were going to bath in it! hahaha...lol...well i really have heard of people doing that...:)

new song..."mom's in the buttermilk, what'll I do?

"mom's in the buttermilk, what'll I do?

Oh "mom's in the buttermilk, what'll I do?

O what'll I do my darlin?