Ok now that im diagnosed with lupus it makes everything scarier..

what does it now mean if i catch a cold/flu/sickness bug/ etc etc?

im currently choked with the cold!! Happy days..

Thanks for reading xxx

I am so sorry you are feeling sick!! I caught the Influenza A bug at Christmas. And got to spend three days in the hospital including Christmas. They told me I was lucky to be doing as well as I was. Thankful for a mom who is a nurse and one to take me in for every thing. Even if its just a small thing. I think she has kept me from getting super sick many times. I dont know what would have happened if she hadnt taken me in right away. Hope you start feeling better soon!!! :)

My experience had been that a cold lasts 3x longer than everyone else’s. Twice bronchitis has turned into pneumonia. I just don’t have the immune system to fight this stuff off.
See a doc as soon as possible. Things I would have just shaken off before now stay with me and get worse without medical help.
Hope you feel better soon!

With lupus our immune system is weaker than anyone else say a healthy persons immune system with a flu works at %80 with a flu we with lupus go down to %40 so just be careful ask alot of questions and be curious google stuff this disease lets you play detective more you know better for you.

I definitely take the route of “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” I go to the doctor if I have fever over 100 or if I’m vomiting/diarrhea a lot for over a day. You really don’t want to put off seeing a doctor too long because depending on what meds you are on your immunity could be really low allowing a simple infection turn into something really serious. It definitely takes longer to get over colds/flu than healthy people. You also will have to rest more when you are sick too. Sometimes it’s better to stay off from work one more day and sleep than go back too early and be miserable for weeks feeling half well. Get your rest and take care!

Tina is so right. I'm used to working when I'm sick - if I had a minor cold or cough - no big deal, I could work. That's just not true any more - as difficult as it is for me to admit. Last week what started out as a little cough turned into pneumonia almost overnight. I was completely wiped out and except for the trip to the doctor, I was in bed all week. I should have gone to the doctor earlier - once I was on antibiotics things started clearing up pretty quickly.