Blood pressure

i have to write quickly before i get too groggy again or forget .

horrible problems with groggy, druged state last two days off and on and i remembered that once when i was in the hospital this happened--i got reakl groggy and could not stay awake- i j] jst happened to be on the monito and the nurse came in because my blood pressure had dropped too low. she put me in the trenellinberg position, and turned up iv to faster flow and i stayed that way for a while

so u managed (barelu0 to take my bprassure and it was only 98 over 62. so i got on the couch in trendellenbrg after i drank a big cup ih water. after a bit (actually my arm and chest hurt after a bit) or i got up and took bp again and it us up to 110 over 60 which is a little better. i feel better, more cklear but not clear enough. what can i do whn my bp drops?

I have chronic low blood pressure…since the first time I had it taken so likely my whole life! Also a very weak pulse on one side…sometimes nurses will try to get it on that side and will look at me and say things like “well you don’t look dead”. I was dx with a congenital aortic defect at the ripe old age of 30 or so…lol. Right aortic arch, which branches lower than the norm. They believe the low blood pressure is related to that. I don’t notice any symptoms from it though (however since I was born with it, so I think that would be my normal anyways!) I’m usually right around 90/60. Unfortunately I can’t offer any advise but I hope you’re able to get it stabilized so you don’t feel so bad! 

thank you so much! i am still shakey, but i have it high enough to think a little and i am on a misson now---to research emergency fixes and find ways to prevent it from happening.

one thing that they say helps is to drink electrolyte drink and coconut water fits that intuition is telling me i need to "put de lime in de coconut" too, so ia m goin to try it. also green drinks have helped some people and i figure it can't h'woit.

i am on my way to get a juicer and some celery/cumber juice is on my list of what to have every day i feel low like this.

back from store: meantime have been drinking water with lime and had fresh coconut (but no water) a banana and a little boiled chicken oh and a life water over the period of two hours. feel better and bp is 130/74.

i am making "yoga soup"---not my recipe but i will post it by itself on a blog in case anyone wants to make it.

still feel weak and shaking a little, but i feel much much better than when bp was lower.