Blisters on my tongue

I have had enough. I have dealt with these blisters on my tongue for months. They are on the tip of my tongue, the sides, and the top of my tongue and the back of my throat just stays raw. I have tried diflucan, mycelex, magic mouth wash, lydocane, salt water, etc. Nothing helps. The burning and the blisters get worse toward evening time. I just do not know what to do. The doctors have no clue what it is so they do not know how to treat it. They just keep saying it is from my lupus. Sometimes I just want to scream: I HATE YOU LUPUS!!! Sorry I sound irritated and down, the pain really gets to me.

Call me crazy but I had the worst blisters in my mouth it made me crazy. I started using this alkaline gel called Nature Rich and brushed my teeth with it twice a day in place of toothpaste. My ulcers started to disappear. By about two months they were completely gone. I mix the gel with peppermint oil and it keeps my mouth fresh as well. let me know if you want more info.