Anyone w/ sleep problems?

I had responded to a comment to one of my friends here, and the topic was about trouble sleeping. I tried teas, all-natural supplements, very light exercise (on top of taking care of my 2 toddlers), and about every rx sleeping pill my Dr could give me. I either felt hungover the next morning, or my energy level wouldn’t kick in until late morn. I’d be dragging around the house until it wore off. So for about 4 mths now I had been taking Requip, which is for restless leg syndrome, and so far it’s been working out for me. Especially because I have to take other mess to manage the migraines, and my Fibromyalgia. The following mornings, I don’t feel groggy, and the nights before, I don’t have that creepy, crawly feeling I used to. My hubby I’m sure loves the fact that I’m not tossing and turning, and moving all night long! I’m just saying what worked for me, and I’m not a paid spokesperson for restless leg medication. lol 