Update on rheumy follow-up

Well I finally had the follow-up with my rheumy. I'm not very comfortable with his style yet. I will keep on with him for now. The good news is MRI was fine (except for sinus which has always been on going and I don't bother to deal with)

The ANA and anti ds DNA did come back positive. But though I have many symptom's, he still won't confirm Lupus!!?? I am sooo frustrated.

My visit was labelled for psoriasis (which I have had for years and has been getting worse.) He said that lupus can cause psoriasis. This was new info for me and I appreciated that. But add that to the mononeuritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, raynauds, blah, blah... why does he not say lupus?

He wants to treat the conditions/symptoms. Ok. good idea. Thankfully he wants to get me off the low dose prednisone. I think this is good. I am concerned with his treatment plan: Methotrexate, Neurontin and folic acid.

I have read a few threads about the methotrexate and read all the side effects too. Lucky for me I have not had any yet. I would appreciate any comments and I'm sorry for going on and on. I saved it all up as hubby not very supportive.

Hey Sunnyworm!

Nice to hear from you, sorry, I've been over moderating Fibromyalgia, but do miss all of my friends over here!

I do not have psoriasis, but I do have psoriatic arthritis. Of all the research I have done on both (all my grandkids have psoriasis, so I do deal with it) I have never heard or read that Lupus causes psoriasis, but, I'm not a Doctor, much less a Rheumatologist! They are in college for something like a total of 13 years! WHEW!


I did not read through all of this info, but it is a great source of information. I hope that this Doc can soon decide just what you do have and treat it successfully, Sunny! I know it can be l very long and frustrating road!

Sending you big hugs,


Hello Lisa,

I am sorry for being late on replying to your thread.

If you don't mind me saying keep with your rheumo longer...he knows you have Lupus and most likely does'nt want to say it with everything else you have going on.

I have psoriasis my Dermo told me straight away after bloods as it was mimicing ringworm..now he did 9 bloods the first time he saw me, when i next visited him he told me i'd got to be refered to the Rheumo department and when i asked why he told me straight you have Lupus... and in the end it led to DLE.

Folic acid he's given you is for iron, so your iron difficency may be abit low...neurotin never had it and i know there's some effects with methotrexate like any other drug but if your rheumo had of but me on it i would have been one happy woman.

My dermo swears by plaquenil and methotrexate for helping DLE/SLE in the proper quantity he told me you have a good mixture for both...my rheumo would'nt give it me as you know.

Lisa i'd look at it as you've had it confirmed by the words out of his own mouth

"He said that lupus can cause psoriasis"....it does cause psoriasis Lisa.

Did he state when he was going to start you Lisa?

All my love Terri xxx