Anybodys rash look like mine

This was after a shower. It gets worse with a hot shower or the sun. Any body else have this trouble? The Dr has tried all sorts of different creams. Nothing is working. :frowning:
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I Do Not have a really good pic of it for some reason, a little blurry & quite big. But from what I do see, it looks as if it is hive like & has a little vascular look to it with the whitish areas surrounded by the red. Is it very itchy? If I had to guess I'd say yes.... I know that the Hot Shower can cause it just as the sun does. It is a tough one, and alot of times the creams they give don't do any good. :( I am sorry u have been going thru this with little to no relief. Maybe a dermatologist in in ur future? I would think that us who u need, maybe a biopsy during a flare is needed to see what is going on, when my Mom had Discoid Lupus a biopsy was all they could do to diagnose it. Sometimes more tests need to be done. But google vascular rashes from Lupus and I think u will agree with me on that...Let me know. And I wish u so much Luck with this, I know how frustrated u must feel! Be Well & keep Smiling! Suzie :0)

i had a similar thing a while back and i still do from time to time

i found that cooling my shower down even just a little bit, although not as relaxing nor preferable does seem to prevent from getting as severe of a rash

its mostly the heat from it that sends the skin into a more severe flare