Allergies--lupus symptoms?

Just a weird, random entire story is posted on my page, but in short, I started having symptoms 5 years ago...joint pain/ stiffness, some weird blood work including a positive ANA and really high CRP, in addition to some other stuff that points to autoimmune disease. Now my question is, in 2007 (the same year I started going to rheumatology) I was also diagnosed with allergies to: bermuda grass, alfalfa, johnson grass, rye grass, and kentucky grass (all major grasses/ crops in Yuma, where I lived at the time). Also allergic to a substance in the dust down there. So allergic, in fact, I got so sick from allergies that I passed out cold and lost total consciousness. I was also told I was suffering from vertigo (inner ear disturbances). Was put on 3 strong allergy meds and shots, as well as meclizine for the dizziness. foward 5 years, still having abnormal blood work and the same symptoms I had down there, however, now in Minnesota and got re-tested for allergies a year and a half ago. Both times I was tested it was the skin test. I tested this time positive for allergies to: at least 10 grasses native to Minnesota, maple trees, box elder trees, olive trees, ragweed......I am just thinking about this connection right now because my allergies are in big-time overdrive and I feel pretty miserable right now. My question is: can severe allergies like this cause the same symptoms and abnormal bloodwork as lupus? Maybe I don't have lupus at all! Should I mention all this to the rheumatologist when I go back in 2 months and ask her if that is a possibility?

Allergies are caused by your immune system not being able to coupe with the " foren bodies" allergens propperly! I’m not sure exsactly how all that works, but I am pretty sure that weird allergys are very common with lupus! I don’t thing that sevier allergies could cause your blood to come back with all the lupus marker… But I’m not positive on that. I would call your doctor and ask.

When Lupus became more of an issue for me, my allergies (which I never had before) started kicking in. Now, I may have an allergic reaction to most anything. It started with the alfalfa I fed our horses. Now I can pick a flower to smell or inhale truck exhaust, dust, some colognes and on and on.

YES!! By all means discuss with your rheumy- allergies are one of the main causes of an elevated ANA unrelated to autoimmune diseases It could also be that your lupus makes your allergies more prevalent so be prepared