I need some advice

Hi everyone,

I need some advice. My rheumatologist was checking me for Lupus and RA last summer. She said she definitely was going to diagnose me with RA and check me for Lupus as my inflammation markers were pretty high. Then a couple of months later she decides to change the RA diagnosis to imflammatory arthritis and she said I do not have Lupus. But then some abnormal blood sells appeared in my white count. They were Lymphocytes, I was sent to a Hemotologist and he said not to worry but he wanted to keep an eye on me. So then a month later I in my docs office and an intern found a swollen lymph node, a week later I was in surgery and they took a handfull of abnormal lymph nodes. Can this happen with Lupus? I am still not sure that don't have Lupus. Oh, and I do have a positive ANA but none of the other tests are positive. Has this happened to any one else? Please help!

Hi Joanie...I am sorry you have to go through all this. I have not had that kind of blood results either...but all of us here have experienced the pain of the waiting-to-be diagnosed game. My prayers are with you and even if I don't have information,. I have a big shoulder to cry on....and a big smile when the cryin' over ...and lots of in between wait and see experience too...I will wait with you.

Hi Joanie,

You want to ask your rheumo why the diagnosis from arthritis changed to imflammatory arthritis because i'm not a doctor to diagnose but i'd say your tests are showing furthur results to be changed just like that and regarding Lymphocytes they are common with Lupus suffers...have the results come back from the Lymph nodes and please keep we updated please.

Well with a positive ANA showing that means you've got some kind of autoimmune disease, although you don't have to have psoitive results to have a autoimmune disease/s.

Terri xxx