Affordable eye doctor in the bay area?

Hello. I was wondering if anyone know any eye doctor that are affordable and cheap if that even exist. I’ve been on plaqenil & it affected my eyes and sight. It seems like my vision is always changing in less than a year. I have medical but they only cover the eye exam every 2 years.

I would check with your insurance carrier, if you haven't done so. If you have a medical issue with your eyes, your medical insurance may cover that -- this is usually different from a preventative / routine eye exam. My insurance also only covers routine eye exams every other year, but because I am on plaquenil, I am covered for an eye exam every year (or as often as the eye doctor says is required). My previous medical insurance didn't cover routine eye exams at all, but again, because I was on plaquenil, it covered the eye exams required for plaquenil.

Medical insurance should cover an eye exam in treatment or diagnosis of a medical problem