Sudden onset of joint pain

Got up this morning feeling fine. Suddenly at 330 I’m feeling this horrible joint pain. Can barely walk. Can’t stop crying. Took a Ultram 50 mg but it’s done Nothing. I’ve never felt this so suddenly before. Like one minute I was fine and literally … 2 minutes later I was crying in pain??? Anyone felt this before? Can’t figure it out. Usually my flares come on slowly during the day. My Dr is an hour away. Should I go to stat care or ER?

So sorry that you are in pain. I think you should probably go to ER to be on the safe side. I have this happen frequently so I am use to these sudden onset of pain. Hope you get some relief

Praying for you and hope you get some relief soon!

Go to ER that happens to me but it’s a spasm

This sounds like what I call a "pain attack". Mine usually come on very swiftly, and hurt infinitely more than my usual joint pain. The first time I had one, I was terrified. All I could manage to do was sit very, very still and cry. It was my entire body that hurt, every joint screaming bloody murder, every muscle crying out. It was a sensory overload. It faded slowly, over about two hours.

To this day, I have no idea what these pain attacks are. I've learned that certain things trigger them for me (extreme tension, including watching exciting movies in the theater), so I avoid those things as I can, and that helps. I think it's possible my medications have also been slowly helping to make them less common. I've also learned to tell when one is in-coming and take measures to relax myself and breathe slow, as that seems to help head it off at the pass. They also are different from my other pains because the pain attack comes in waves of pain that swell and ebb.

I hope things eased up for you not too long after you posted. ::hugs gently:: My pain attacks never last more than half an hour to a couple hours, but who knows how someone else might experience them, whatever these pain attacks may be? Hang in there!

That’s how I got started in my way to being diagnosed with lupus. Woke up one day with excruciating pain up and down both arms - had been fine the day before. The doc said it was from inflammation and put me on prednisone and the pain was gone. I got the lupus dx about 4 weeks later.
Good luck!!

Yeah, that happens to me too. I just suffer through it. It usually only lasts a few hours.

I, also, got up this AM feeling just fine. I got ready for my physical therapy, and bang, I had every joint hurt so that I had to call off the therapy. I hurt so badly that I became nauseated. In time, the pain subsided and I could not even tell I had ever been in so much pain that I cried. When this happens to me, my poor husband stands helplessly by wanting so to do something to help me. I just take my pain medicine and ride it through. I don't know if this is your problem or not--only your Dr. can tell you. I'm only relating what happens to me. I feel for you and will pray your pain gets better.

I will pray for you right now!

Sorry you r having so much pain. I started having knee issues 2 years ago now after 3 scopes. I woke up a week ago and not could walk or put weight on my right knee. My Ortho told me to go the ER x-ray showed bone on bone which means surgery. I've never been told I have Arthritis but the 2 ER doc's said that's what is tearing my knee's up. I hope u get some relief.

Momkiley....I hope you are feeling a little better by now. Yes, the pain comes on suddenly sometimes...depends on what you think about going to the ER...'if' it's 'just' joint pain, I'd weather thru it...but that's just me. IF it's maybe organ related, or something than I'd go to the ER. Was just there a week ago Sunday, with chest wasn't pluersy or paracardis, just chestwall pain.......but you never know, so I think we all need to make our own call. Yesterday, I was planning on going to a jewelry making class, and really looking forward to it....but a few hours before I all of a sudden got so weak, and dizzy I couldn't go. Hopefully they'll have another one, and I can go then. Feel better

I too have begun to have these sudden onsets of pain/fatigue and nausea and from what I read here it is more common than not with Lupus. I am learning from you all. My prayers for Momkiley and all of us.

Hope you are feeling better!

Hello, hope that this pain goes away and Never come back !!! But Lliving with Lupus , which is not nice or Play's fair , also comes at times that we are enjoying, relaxing or just want to live and be normal for a day (well i will take and HOUR) smile .At that time of morning you are sleep , there is really nothing for you to do but as though you did to cry! I think it happen's with us alot , then of course , on my trips to the ER were always a waste of time and PAPER , the Pain never went away and they never could do nothing , but tell me to follow up with the doctor as soon as possible- but to get an appointment while am hurting was impossible (the pain never is there when am at the doctor -funny right?) . So trying to tell the doctor how you felt or that you went to the ER is a waste of time because the Pain is GONE !!! My advice would be to not over due thing's through the day and relaxe for moment's (Don't rush yourself doing anything ) ! Well hope that this give you a little comfort.....Beverly L.