Welcome to LWL, Lisa!

Hello @Lisa14

I’m Seenie, a Moderator Support worker for Ben’s Friends. One of the things I do a lot of on our thirty sites is look after admissions. One of the things I rarely do is welcome individual members. Your articulately-written Lupus story, however, moved me to extend a special welcome to you.

I was touched and inspired by your openness, your fighting spirit and your determination to carry on despite the difficult hand of cards you’ve been dealt. Well done, you! :clap:

I’m sure you’ll find you’re in good company here. Do join in the conversations, or even start one of your own. A good starting thread would be a self introduction, which you have written already. You could copy your profile story, and post it as a new thread so that more people will notice it.

Again, welcome! Make yourself at home here, and if you have any questions, you can post them, or send an SOS to one of the Staff/Mods (upper right tab).

Seenie from Moderator Support.

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Thanks for that warm welcoming and I’m loving the group very positive and encouraging

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Thank you you made me feel overjoyed :grin:

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