We were Born This Way, a lil' tribute of Lady Gaga, time to reflect on "US", and Say what we like about ourselves for a change!

Hi All,

First of All, Happy Holidays to you all & ur families....I wish you all nothing but Joy, Love, Happiness & Peace during this Very Busy but also Very Meaningful Season. We always say what we don't like about ourselves cause we r sick, we feel miserable & were given alot of stressful situations to overcome! We aren't happy bout the way our "lives" turned out to be in a way.......BUT we ALL know that there are many characteristics that we do like about ourselves......so let's see what we come up with cause I have a feeling that the others here will agree with you & also may learn something new too, along with it being VERY therapeutic for you too....We were Born This Way.....we must accept who we are, we must find a way to learn to accept ourselves too, and that can be difficult to do.....if we don't, then how can anyone else love us & accept us?? I can't wait to see everyone reply to this discussion!! ;) This may give us a better look at whom we are & how we can change in ways also.....we need to realize we are who we are & we have to love who we are & be comfortable in our own skin....

{{HUGS}} to u all! Suzie xo

well let's see...what do I like about me:

I like the way I can make something of nothing,

that's a skill I learned from my mother---

she could turn all chores into fun

and hard work into an adventure.

I also like

the way I like

to learn and learn and learn.

but enough about me,that's enough for tonight.

let's hear about you;

it's your turn!

Well after posting this discussion & now sittign here & reading all of ur wondeul pointers & supportive comments to one another , I feel a real sense of happiness that makes me :) very big! I am soooo happy that you all are learning regardless of how rough your days & nights are, how weak your ill stricken bodies feel & how badly all of our self-esteem because of all of it has gotten so low at times, you all are showing so many aweome signs that you have all prevailed & told good ole' LUPUS 2 take a freakin' hike! ;)lol......
Everyone of you are so similar yet also so different, we all are, but with the help & lessons of oen another we can all become one wth each other during thi journey we r facing everyday we are here in this life..We were all given what we are able to handle, it then shows others & ourselves, how strong we all are & how we will "NEVER SAY NEVER"....shout out to Bieber now, LOL.....And I am a Country Bumpkin and that is what I LOVE listening to when it comes 2 music....it tells a story & nothings better than that! BUT, between Lady Gaga's awesome waysas an artist to get her essages out there w/ her music & even Justin Bieber, we can use there songs alot too, especially when we want to find the right words to describe this fight we have all the time! And it is a fight we will ALWAYS come out as the WINNERS, cuz wenever give UP, (even though we do want to, sometimes)! So never give up, keep chatting with all of ur inspiring stories, you all are making a HUGE difference in the lives of those that are here & are listening to you....As always u r all in my prayers & I care for you all very much & send tons of well wishes & good vibes ur way....xoxoxoxo {{HUGS}} my friends! Suzie <3 :0)
Rachel Simpkins said:

Awwwwww Ann,your inspiring me :) I had leg xray yesterday because I hobble,everyone there is old and on canes and walkers, I. Know things are tough for us but relooking around yesterday I wanted to cry I'm. Y oung,if you can do it so can I you ARE my influence,I'm not going to feel sorry for myself,God gave me another day and I will live each day to the best of my ability...Luv Rachel......keep up the good work sweetie....