I am starting to realize that I am not alone, as to feel like everyone looks at us so differently, like we are damaged goods, but like to still have FUN! Does anyone else feel the same? Let us know?

I often hear how people feel as though others look at us differently?! We are still the same as always, but we do have our limits, as does everyone else? Does anyone else feel like this? Cause I remember when I was working about 10 yrs. ago & I was on a bunch of diff. meds. I began to have swelling in my face, and as much as it bothered me, I didn’t need to hear others opinions. I remember someone at work saying, “Why is your face so swollen”? “Did you gain weight”? and not to float my boat or anything back then I wasn’t bad looking, lol. Actually better looking puffy than she was not puffy! lol. Anyway, it hurt me, as I am sure you may have felt the same at one point. The treatments for this cause so many ugly effects, and it is so hard. But, we don’t need negativity from others. Just wanted to bring up this subject, because not only do we hear “You look OK” from others, hearing that we look bad from trying to help ourselves really hurts! We may be limited, but we are here and ALIVE and we don’t want to be judged, just understood, that’s all! Suzie :0)

At 5’ 10" and of Native American/Irish decent…I rarely fly under the radar. I use to be a body model (not porn). I have had people look, point and say some of the oddest things to someone that is a stranger, or to one another. Even my own family has come up with some humdingers (which was met with my sarcastic sharp tongue). People will say the stupidest stuff when given the opportunity.

This reminds me of a song by Train “Words”…the song say to take the negative and use it as firewood and burn others hurt full words. Admittedly this easier said than done. However our society is built on an attitude of thin, young, and healthy. Personally I would say take the hurtful remarks and use them to your advantage…your still trying to live. Probably moreso than they are!!!

As for being the same…well my dear, no I am NOT!! I am older, wiser, and meaner LOL (or at least that is what I tell my munchkins). Seriously though, I am a different person, I have Lupus along with other ailments. Life and healthy life has become everso precious to me, I don’t take good health for granted anymore. It is not a “norm” it is the rarity.

No those day that I don’t feel well and have to go out I usually do it with people that know me and my disorder well, and at least pretend to understand. My feeling is I will not inflict you with my attitude if you don’t inflict me with your unsolicited opinion!

I remember I time that I had to Walgreen’s at 11pm or so to pick up some sort of med. I had been at home sick and in my t-shirt, pj bottoms, and slipper clogs. I grabbed a hoodie and zipped it up and ran out to the store. While walking up the Pharmacy aisle two women where walking down the same aisle. One said to the other something about my pj bottoms and slippers and the other made a comment about my butterfly and hollowed dark circled eyes. I actually was so irked I stopped and said that their comments where rude, I actually was sick and had not planned on entering the store but the drive up window was out of service that night. Mind your these where to women without a bit of makeup on, wear black stretch pants over there 2 each butts and hips, wearing flip flops in November!!! Personally, I think they should have looked in the mirror before speaking about me!

So Sweets don’t feel so bad it has happened to all of us! Hugs

HAHAHAHA< LOOOVE the Walgreens Story GF! YOU are so Freakin Funny!!! Thanks for the chuckle…:slight_smile: People are rude, society is cruel, it is a very hard world to survive in out there, let alone when u are sick…I hear ya, and every point u made, was Perfecto, as usual ;), Thanks Sweets! {{HUGS}} Suzie :0)