WANTED: Friend with lupus in New Mexico

I just broke up with my fiancé together for 5 yrs, I could really use a physically tangible friend? Anyone interested?

I understand and am sorry!!! I wish I could but I am no where close to you ;(
The best I can offer is online support which I know does not quite cut it. Do you have a local lupus foundation chapter??? Try googling it and see if you can find some local support. Good luck!!!

Have you searched in the top right corner for members in your town, state? Give that a try and let us know? Trisha

I hear you on that one! I haven’t found any lupus friends in the SF bay area where I live, but I’m about to start looking… I will probably have more luck being in a dense urban area with lots of young adults (most common time to get a new diagnosis), but since you are in a lower-density area maybe try connecting with people suffering from any of the autoimmune diseases… RA is a bit more common, with similar struggles, and MS may be less common there then the pacific NW where I’m originally from, but they have a very tough battle and are very understanding of unpredictability and frustration. I have one dear friend back home with MS, and just met a new one in the Bay Area that I’m grateful to have connected with. In both cases we clicked well at first and later found out we have more in common than we thought!

Some people are very private about their own struggles, autoimmune or otherwise, and feel relieved to open up if you can share with them. Good luck to you! In the mean time, all of us on LWL are here remotely for you!

Contact the Lupus Foundation of America. They can put you in touch with local chapters and support groups. www.lupus.org Just found a group that ook me 8 years to nail a group that's been going for 7. Go figure!?

Bless you!

I don’t live in your area but I could definitely use a friend right now. I have free long distance so talking would be unlimited. If you want to get in touch you can go to ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■.

Bless your heart! I'm next door....in Texas!

Love and hugs,


Hey you! What part of New Mexico are you? I live north of Santa Fe. I have longed to start a support group - a place where we can get together and talk to each other. I am very much interested! Sometimes my husband just doesn't understand what we go through. This group of people that I found just a couple months ago has been truly a blessing.

Oh bless you Lori,

Such a lovely thought and just living next door :)

loriken214 said:

Bless your heart! I'm next door....in Texas!

Love and hugs,


Hello Cannabearrx!

I replied the other day but didn't hear back from you. I live north of Santa Fe - where are you? I'd love to find more of us here so we (and our spouses) can get together and share. The Lupus Foundation is a joke! (sorry but last year I contacted them to find out if there was such a group outside of Albuquerque and if not, I wanted to start one. They didn't even hear what I was asking - instead they said that in order to start a support group I would have to go to Alb., spend the day going through this big huge binder and then volunteer with the Alb. chapter and help them get supporters to some golf tourney to raise money. So my dear friend - let's do this on our own - we don't need "guidelines" we just need to be able to get together and share!