Well its my 2nd day of this walking thing.... Im pushing for 1/2 hour daily...I stumble,

I trip, My hands are swelled, Im in agony, Im pushing this walking anyways.....

Keep me in your Prayers, Im going to TRY to do a month of this, I guess I will let

you all know how long I can do this and if the energy is there....Thats the biggest

thing is my energy says go to bed!! NOPE,,,Im pushing this...Pray....Luv Rachel

Good for u Rach!! U can do it! Keep up the gr8 work, it will get easier w time, just take it slow nd don’t push ur self too hard…it is so good for u, I need 2 also, just gotta go to heart doc. First…good luck, stay strong and I am always praying for ya!! :0) Xo Suzie

oy! it happened again. my finger got clicker happy and clicked my response to never never land.

oy veyi just wanted to say that if you feel pain, back up a little to the point where you can move without added pain.

my physical therapist just gave me a set of micro movements to do and I am to do them for no more than 5 min an hour and only do them to the point just before they hurt...i also rest fully supported in bed with feet higher than heart for 5 min every hour...I can already tell a difference in how I feel.

So I agree with Suzie Nightingale: don't push to hard.

Are you walking to loss weight? I have been working on lossing weight and am down 43lbs! I’m walking when i can but also watching my calories with a website. It’s working well for me :slight_smile:

Just go slow, take your time and take some breaks when you need. I pushed myself to go to church this morning for Ash Wednesday and light candle for this group....you are all in my prayers!

Oh… well i wish you well! Walking outside was very tough for my joints due to the dips and slants. I’ve really found a treadmill much easier due to the consistant surface and “shock absorbtion” designed for runners. I hope you’re able to keep it up at a comfortable pace! =)