Vitamins and Supplements

Just wondering if anybody has an opinion about vitamins and supplements. I have an aunt that came up with a regimin of vitamins and supplements for me to take, but my Rheumy doc, just wants me to take my aspirin, Plaquenil, and Celexa for now. So I am just interested if anyone else takes vitiamins and supplements? And what they take?

Im not sure, but she is a wholistic herbal remedy girl. That is his her business. She lives in Scottsdale, AZ, and helps people from everywhere to get their body’s back on track. My step-mom was diagnosed with cancer, and went through surgery. Then my aunt put her on a regimen of vitamins and minerals, and so far she is doing great. I definetly know I am vit. D deficient. Not too bad, but I am. So, I think I am going to start back on my regimen, as long as I can keep them down.

Ann A. said:

I definitely take vitamin and mineral supplements. Dietary analysis software has been used to ascertain the extent to which I am receiving the level of vitamins and minerals required for health from my diet. In addition my physicians have used laboratory analysis to determine the extent to which my body contains the optimal levels of the vitamins and minerals that are required for good health. The supplements that I take and the amount of them that I take was then determined based upon my biochemical individuality. In other words, where I am not getting what I need from my diet, I am now supplementing. Everyone needs a plan based on their unique biochemical needs.

However, recent research has shown the importance of vitamin D and its co-factors for people with autoimmune diseases and the fact that most people with autoimmune diseases are deficient in vitamin D. If you search Life With Lupus for Vitamin D, you will find a number of testimonies and links to articles. Your physician's position - anti all supplements - is surprising.

I wish you luck in finding out exactly which vitamins and minerals you are not receiving in adequate quantities from your diet (or like vitamin D from sun exposure) and exactly how much and what types of supplements are required for you. How did your aunt decide what and how much you should take?