Natural Herbs/Vitamins with traditional Medicine

I know Lupus isn't any disease to play around with. But I am big on natural health and natural remedies; and am looking for a special DIET. and other herbs to add to my diet to help my lupus specifically. So far I found stayin away from sugar, dairy, and GMO/processed foods helps me tremendously ;; But I also learned that things like Ginger, Turmeric, and Cumin are also very good (now I cannot take Cumin as I have gastritis) im curious to know if any other Lupus patients have done any kind of lifestyle/nutrition change or have added other natural remidies herbs and vitamins. I also started Monthly Massage/Reiki... and the Reiki I found to be amazing

The Lupus foundation of America ( has some articles about non-inflammatory diets. Good place to start. You're way ahead of the game if you are already eating good food.

Personally I eat mostly organic when it's available, at the very least non-GMO food. When I eat something nasty in a restaurant and the like I feel bad the next day. I avoid eating out. However, there are good restaurants too.

I had the greatest help from an gyno. Yes he is an MD that preferred to use natural remedies as much as possible before he would prescribe drugs. This doctors passion was women health. He is currently changing his practice from OB/Gyn to women’s health. I have multiple autoimmune syndrome (MAS). Prior to finding the diagnosis of lupus I was just going thru many medication changes and not feeling well. At my annual visit I mentioned this. So he asked if he could do some blood work and see if he could offer a different point of view. After the results came in we noticed that my inflammation markers were really high. He taught me of a brand new idea that Gluten is responsible for some inflammation. So I went on a gluten free diet. In two months my inflammation markers were considerably lower and I felt better than I had in years. Then to prove it we went one more month with my old diet. Sure enough my markers were higher than before and my other hormone medicine was not working as well. So I have become as gluten free as I can. It has been 2 years now. The only downside is when I eat something with gluten my body tells me so in a few hours. I owe this doctor part of my sanity.

awesome news! I was gluten free for a while and had no problems whatsoever on the lupus side ( though I did on the POTS diagnosis of me ) though both my POTS and my LUPUS got better gluten free- im going back to that!