Urinary incontinence

Has anyone experienced urinary incontinance? My daughter has just started having this as well as complains that it takes a few minutes before she can pee after sitting on the toilet. Autoimmune and treating as lupus with plaquenil at age 15. Worried!

At after hours clinic now waiting to be seen.

Amy, its 5 hours since your post, I hope by now your daughter has been seen, and a cause found so she can get some treatment and relief. I hope she feels better soon!

While things straighten out, there are a couple of products on the market, worn like maxi pads, that will absorb a lot, and prevent her becoming embarrassed. Look for Poise pads if you can find them, they are least expensive at the "big box" kind of stores, walmart, and others. I went through incontinence for 2 years before my spinal surgery, and so was still able to get out at times.

hugs to you both,


Her urinalysis was fine but quite diluted so doc thinks could possibly be bacteria present and prescribed antibiotic. She also said bladder spasms could be the cause and/or constipation. Recommended milk of magnesia and azo. We are trying all those things and hoping it is that simple. I am still a little uneasy but we will hopefully have appt with specialist soon.

Could be dysfunctional elimination syndrome -- affects a lot of school-age kids, and if you google it there is lots of information available online about it. If she regularly holds it too long (a lot of school-age kids do as they don't have time or ability to go in school) this can lead to weakening and spasms of the bladder muscles and an inability to tell when her bladder is full. This can be exacerbated by constipation, and it can also cause constipation so can start a vicious cycle. If this is what it is, the key is to attack all aspects of the issue at once:

Drink plenty of water. You can find online calculators to tell you how much water she should be drinking -- it is way more than you think.
Go to the bathroom every two hours (when awake) to retrain the bladder to properly alert to fullness. An alarm watch can help to remind. Doctor's note can help if school has bathroom restrictions
Take 10 deep breaths while finishing peeing to make sure bladder is being emptied fully.
Treat constipation with laxative and/or stool softener, and sit for 10 minutes in bathroom after breakfast and dinner every day.
Avoid caffeine and citrus.

Well, she had a seizure like episode today at school so screw these local small minded doctors. We are on our way to Lebohner ER to hopefully find out SOMETHING. Prayers please!