Update on your favorite little young one :)

So i try to keep you guys posted on how my quest is going and i had my surgery this morning on my foot

So those lumps weren't on an artery or a ganglion cyst or anything like that

they are something on my nerve and i guess there's a pouch around your nerve and it was a tumor on the inside of the pouch ish thing coming off the nerve and they took a 12 mm one out and man does my foot hurt but they aren't entirely positive what it really is

yeahh i know it makes no sense pouch around nerve tumor...????

now mind you mom is the one explaining this to me cuz i guess i came out of recovery and woke up and was telling him about my secret admirer and my teddy and stuff and asked for a drink and i remember NOTHING lol

but that's how things are atm

oh and if any of you get bored i got a challenge

CHALLENGE:: what is this like the name of it?? im searching but idk what to really search mom said what he called it started with an S

thanks guys and i hope to have more for you on monday

im up for the challenge...i will think about---you got my curiosity going

im not having much luck figuring it out

its one of those i want to know as much as i can of the possibilities before i go in on monday

kinda prepared but so anything he says im ready for

possibly schwanoma saw dr today they wrapped it to tight


no Schwannoma

basically its a tumor on the nerve and it follows the nerve line

i go back on saturday to get my biopsy results *Hey that's only 2 more days :D**

i'm kinda counting down to my Rhemy appt on the 6th because i really hope that's when things will get better

i hope my blood tests and everything gave him some kind of answers and i'll get somewhere

my foots numb though cuz its soooo swollen :( and school sucks cuz i can't prop it up