Update on Methotrexate and Medrol - Medrol is failing?

Some of you may remember my post 3 weeks ago - my dr started me on Methotrexate and kept me on Medrol until the MTX kicks in. The plan was to take the medrol 2x2/day for two weeks then drop it to 1x2/day and keep taking it until the MTX starts working. My current MTX dose is 12.5mg/week (this is my first months taking it). The dose will go up next week.

My problem is that the Medrol is not working as well as it used to. I had a trial run on it before I was put on MTX - I took the medrol for 7 days and my symptoms were gone. Although on day 6, the old symptoms and sick feeling started to return - I was already tapered down to 1 pill/day then.

Now, I can't even taper down to 1 pill twice a day... Even on 2x2/day, my symptoms come and go. I can have a great week and then a very bad few days (as if I wasn't taking anything). What the heck is going on?

Could it be that when my lupus is in a bad flare, the 2x2.day Medrol is not enough? When will the MTX start working?

My monthly appt with my rheumathologist is the day after tomorrow and hopefully he can answer my questions.

Thank you everyone to reading my posts :)


I have had multiple issues with Steroids in general. What I have found is that sometimes prednisone works where maybe medrol stops working as well. We do develop tolerance to steroids when taking them so much. Your methotrexate should be working soon, but that is also a wait and see to find out if it works better than steroids or more specifically, Medrol. Trying other forms of steroids might be something to try.