Up Date (There's a reason I cried)

Dad did well, we will see who with next two. Than he has few weeks off to put a port-cath in. But my sister has been admited to Mary Washington Hospital her lupus has attacked her kidney's she is on vent and they have her on dialysis. Plus early this morning a deputy that I work with as Vol. Firefighter/EMTI was killed.

There's a reason I cried
When I heard a officers had died
The reality hit hard in the life that we live
To a job where people are asking you to constantly give

One of the finest today paid the ultimate price
And with pride and honor made their greatest sacrifice
The public has no idea on a day to day, what you went through
And how many lives that are now touched,

How you sometimes went to work, with very little sleep,
Duty and honor, a vow you must keep
And like most cops you were most likely underpaid
But it's a job you loved, the one for which you were made

To protect and serve, is how you lived your lives
my heart goes out to your now widowed wives
it’s a knock on the door every officer's spouse fears
and that's why today my eyes are filled with tears

Our thoughts and prayers are for the families that will be without
a father, a husband, a brother who will be missed beyond doubt

Heaven called one of your finest home today
a price anyone who loves an officer hopes they will never pay
Lord, Watch over each and every unsung hero we pray
so they can be with the ones they love at the end of their day.

A tear was shed today

Dear Firelady,

I am so sorry for the loss of your associate. We thank him and all for their service to their communities. Often times we do not take time to appreciate the sacrifice those who protect us make.

Glad your Dad did well, hope that continues, and prayers for him and your dear sister.

We are here for you, and you are in our good wishes and prayers.

Love and hugs,


Dear Firelady,

I know your heart is hurting from losing your co-worker. And I am so sorry for your pain and for his dear family. Just know especially at this time, I will pray for you and all of those touched by the tragedy.

Thanks for letting us know about your dad...thankful, but the news about your sister is bad...and again I am so sorry for your heavy burden at this time. Again we pray! Hugs to you, Faye

Please take care of yourself.


You and your family are in my prayers, and I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your co-worker.



I am so sorry! I know that feeling deep inside of you right know! Stay strong my friend! The strengths is there deep inside just pull it out and use it. Prayers are being said for you, your sister, your dad, and the officer’s family! I pray for a soft landing for the officer as he’s journey takes another path! We are here for you! Crying is a great release so let the flood gates open! />


I am so sorry for your loss and your family members illness. Prayers going up for you! Hugs, Karla

Thinking of you today Firelady, hope you are well!



Dear Firelady,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and all first responders today, on our saddest of days. Thanks to you and all who put your life on the line for ours!

Love and thanks,


Hello Linda,

So sorry to hear you've lost a good fighter also and it's terrible when your close.

I am really sorry for your sister and my prayers go out to you that she's able to recover better but the good news of your dad is lovely and i hope things get better for him.

Bless you mate so many troubles besides what you do through daily...hows your strength holding up through this and also your health?

Hugs Terri xxx