Just checking in

Thank for all your prays, Dad's operation was long took 8 hour doing well mom will not leave him. They not let me stay there just got home going take a nap.

"Thank you" firelady for letting we all know how your dad went and i wish him all the very best on recovery.

Get some good rest yourself incase your needed with your mom.

For a full recovery on your dad and also his health in the future....love Terri xxx

That is great news. Please take care of yourself and continue to let us know how he is doing.


Hi Firelady,

I was out and missed that your dad was having surgery! I'm so glad that he did well in the surgery! My prayers are with you and your family while you all work towards his recovery.

Please take care of yourself too Lady! My dad had aneurysms and had to be rushed to surgery, he barely made it and we thought that was the hard, exhausting part. We found out that the recovery was the really difficult and energy sapping part. We worked his recovery in "shifts" so that everyone could rest and at least one of us could be mentally alert and make decisions if necessary.

I was in a "remission" of some sort at the time and I was run down exhausted by it all. I know you are going to want to be there - just pace yourself along with your mom and whatever other friends and relatives so you can keep yourself in decent health too. Don't mean to be bossy, just worried over you! We don't seem to think about ourselves much in these circumstances.

Prayers out to you and yours!

Hugs - Draginfli/Ang

Dear Firelady,

Hope everything goes smoothly and quickly with your Dad's recovery, and it turns out to be successful in the long run! Glad that you are okay, I agree with Draggin' about taking care not to overly exhaust yourself, that is good advice to your Mom too! Care of the ill or recovering is very hard on everyone. Don't forget about taking care of you, gal!

So glad that it's a so far, so good experience, so far!

Hugs to you,