To: Only the Lonely - HappyFreakinNewYear!

Anyone else flying solo tonight? Don't know about you, but this may be the worst New Year's Eve in memory. My husband is not doing well and is away again, hopefully recovering for good. Plus, my closest flesh & blood friend (who suffers from CFS) asked for a break from our friendship yesterday (Via email, which is kind of lame, isn't it?) because she can't handle the stress of how unpredictable my life's become since he got sick.
Naturally, in the meantime, I've been having a pity party for myself and listening to every sad song I know. Thought I'd start with the one that got me going in the first place for any other lonely hearts here tonight and pray that you each find a little solace or peace from it. Then my hope is that you post your own sad songs, especially since YouTube won't let me listen to anymore tonight, so I've done run dry before midnight. :(( crying HELP!
peace & bear hugs, pj

I’m also flying solo tonight, but I’m used to being alone most major holidays because my husband travels for his job. I read part of a good book, cuddled with my dogs and called my mom and lil bro to wish them a good 2012. Sound like you have an awful lot going on! I think it’s a bit lame on your friend’s part to cut you out like that. Hopefully, it was a temporary lapse of judgment and she’ll come to her senses (while apologizing profusely). Sometimes when people don’t know what to say/do, they pull away, not realizing that’s even worse. I hope things improve with your husband and your friendship. You deserve to be surrounded by good people who care about you. Even if Jan 1st starts off rocky, we have 364 days left for things to improve, eh? ((Hugs))

Thanks so much for your encouragement, Carey. It means a lot tonight. peace, pj

Sorry you're having such a crummy New Year's Eve. I've spent many holidays alone when my husband was in the military. I would just turn it into a day to relax--read, play with my dog, put in a funny movie, and log on to my support groups. And like Carey said, hopefully your friend will come to her senses. Hope your day gets better!

I'm used to being alone too since my husband normally works out of state for months sometimes on projects, but this one was different because his absence was due to his precarious health, which has been very stressful for the past two months. It also didn't help to have my closest F2F friend bale on me at such a low point in my life, but I respect her decision and sent her a nice print for Christmas and left flowers on her doorstep earlier last night (as I did Christmas eve too since she wound up alone like me too) in case she was spending the night alone too, something she normally hates. I'm normally a big girl about adversity, and have developed a lot of good coping skills. But I think my pity party last night was the accumulation of all the stress I've been under the past few months, combined with the sadness that every holiday season brings ever since my lifelong best friend died several years ago and the deaths of my three siblings and dad since 2008. Thank God I still have my 89-year-old mother and a sister with whom I'm as close as I can be considering they live in NY and I in Florida. I've been flying up for the holidays the past few years, but due to my husband's situation it was out of the question this year. Thanks so much for both your and Carey's response to my post when I thought I'd never sleep last night, which I've had trouble doing for a while now. Blessedly, about an hour after posting it, I was exhausted enough to sleep 10 hours straight. Seems like whenever I feel desperate enough to share some of my most private troubles here at LWL I'm rewarded with some peace of mind knowing I'm not alone, which settles me down enough to better cope or sleep. Thanks again, ladies. Hugs, pj

Hi pj, I spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years eve alne. Before my parentsdied in '91 and and 95 I had close friends to spendtime with. Since my stroke, I can't stand long enouh to wait in lines to go to the dinners out they like to go to. But I have my dog, Rocky to keep me company, sometimes too much lol.

I work jigsaw and crossword puzzles and watch blokbuster movies to keep me occupied in this colder weather. I'm alone most of the time anyway these days. Most of my friends have found other interestes, and no family to speak of.

All the best to you and hope you find something to keep your mind occupied