Getting really exhausted

I keep taking what they give me for the fibro. I still haven’t been able to talk to my doctor about my sister having lupus and her doctor saying it’s a 97% chance that what I have is lupus not just fibromyalgia. The pain just keeps getting worse. I can’t do much of anything. It has started hurting so much that I have been vomiting. I’ve been running fevers just out of the blue. Nothing they are doing for me is helping. I’m so tired. Not sure how much more I can take.

Oh dear, you poor thing! Have you tried calling your doc about getting in asap to see him/her? A body can only take so much, and most doctors will try to get you in if possible with something like that going on. Is this a GP or a rheumy? If you aren't seeing a rheumy, it might be time to go do that. ::nodnod:: Bless your heart, I wish I could do more to help!

Called both. Told both what was going on. My gp can see me in the morning but my rheumatologist can’t see me till the 1st of may. I am so give out. Have not been able to go to work this week which mean small check. I’m the only one supporting 12 people in my home. I’m about at my final breaking point. I don’t know what to do.

But my rheumatologist ran a blood test and said no lupus. So she doesn’t believe that’s what it is even tho my sister after many blood test being negative, got a positive for lupus. She is on medication that is helping her. Me I’m still stuck with fibro diagnosis. And feel worse than when I came to the doctor. I have gone down hill fast the past 4 months.

::hugs:: Some doctors, unfortunately, rely strictly on blood tests to diagnose Lupus. The sad truth is that you can't diagnose Lupus strictly on blood tests. You can have positive this and that, but not have Lupus. You can have Lupus, but have negative blood tests. I'm one of those with negative blood tests, but a Lupus diagnosis. Sounds to me like you need a new rheumy, if you can manage it! Do some research into the docs in your area and see if you can specify one that is known for dealing with Lupus. Not all rheumies are well-versed in autoimmune diseases. It pays to do your homework!


Maybe you should see a different rheumatologist? I saw about 5 before I got my diagnoses. If a dr is not helping it may be time to move on. Hopefully your gp can help you in the interim. Hang in there, it will get better.

Oh my. We have another Dr. not listening to their patient. I really hope it gets better for you dear. I had to throw away a few rheumy's. I'm working on throwing away another after my next appt if he still does not hear what I am telling him. I am being treated for lupus even though my blood work shifts from positive to negetive all the time.

Yeah just got back from my appointment. Told then my sister has lupus. Didn’t listen to a word I said. Not even when I broke down crying. All I was told is didn’t we run a blood test? And what was the result? I said negative but I’ve been reading that … I was cut off with . Then you don’t have lupus. I was told to increase my medicine and follow up in 3 months.


I think it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion. I wish there is more that I could do to help. Tons of hugs.

Hi Tarra, do you have a facial rash? If so you might want to see a dermatologist and get their opinion. That might be an avenue to explore as well. Also, regarding Fibro, it can take a while to get on the right treatment combination and to figure what that is for you. It is definitely possible you have both Fibro and Lupus so whatever steps you can take to manage the Fibro symptoms the better off you will be I think. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. Hugs.

I have the rash on my cheeks and nose I also have rashes on both my inner and outer thighs. And some areas on my arms

Got my new lab results back this morning they said that the lupus test was negative again but that the inflammation test was positive. Shouldn’t that cause them to dig a bit deeper? I hate to change doctors and have to start all over. Someone give me an idea of what I should do. Please.