Things To Avoid With Lupus

This short but enlightening article from Johns Hopkins website will be very helpful. I was aware of about half of these from experience, but it's good to have those things confirmed as a problem for all lupus patients, not just my own personal quirks, and to learn more.

great article! thanks for sharing this

Thank you for posting this…I have been using melatonin for awhile now and had NO idea it affected lupus…wow! But what am I going to use to help me sleep??? hmmmmmm…not melatonin any more that is for sure.

Sarah, I have to use melatonin too. I don't have any worse lupus or any reactions from it, but lack of sleep would make me sicker, so I choose to take it. There are some new products with tryptophan in them, which was taken off the market in the early 80s due to one bad batch making people sick. I like to buy from and, and in the search box, type "typtophan" and products containing that will come up. Here in Canada I can get it by prescription, and it sure helps. I have to take both. iherb delivers faster than vitacost.