Take Time to Laugh at Yourself

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed I've not posted anything in the past few days or not, but I thought I was having computer problems. My laptop abruptly shut off on me and I thought I'd let it recharge and try again the next day. So the next morning, I try to turn it on and ______________ nothing. The next day, I try and nothing, I take the battery out of the back, and and unplug and plug everything back in checking everything is right and..... nothing.

So my mind starts off on its own, "what am I going to do now?" I'm going to have to take it in and spend lots of money to have it diagnosed and what if I need to get a new computer??? And what if this, and what if that? So, this morning I sit down and try again once more. Its like it has no power at all, and I look down at the power strip and the switch is off. Duh. My puppy had been playing with her ball over there, and must have stepped on it. What a lupie moment.

So I wonder how many others have a similar story to share? Take a few minutes and share your lupie moments with us, and put a smile on someone's face : )

JC, my exactly words too. LOL. My children say it is early old age, and I tell them "no just brain farts."

John "JC" Colyer said:

It happens to me also Trisha, I call it brain farts! :)

I have put the ice cream in the cabinet, poured juice into a big pan to cook rice, forgotten to put an entire cooked turkey into the fridge, brushed my teeth with husband's preperation h cream, dropped an entire glass (12 ounce) of good old southern sweet tea onto my high tech keyboard, and broke a toe walking barefoot across the floor by catching it on the door frame because I am often clueless where I am in a space. That was all in the last six weeks. Check back next month for another list.

Also, in the heat, I wear soft cotton knee length dresses a lot, and then wonder why the older guys follow me around the store. Finally realized they are enjoying the commando view when I bend over to grab something off the shelf. What? I have a big rump, everything hikes up.

note, the most personal and embarrassing not listed, so add 50 or so more.

laughing beats crying any day.

HA!HA!, hi, now that is something to Laugh at yourself ! It feels good when we can lol at ourselves, i know how good it feel - i find myself doing it more (about 3-4 times) a day . take the time to laugh no matter what it is , laughing helps to fight the stress level of this Lupus stuff...Beverly L.

Trisha nice one mate :)

Now i'm being serious on this...mishaps that cause we issues and like we're either losing our minds or the old marbles are going...does'nt cause me to laugh i get so angry and flustrated knowing i was never like this at one time and then the dreaded moment comes by calling the hubby and the problem is either solved in seconds or minutes and then being told seriously "Mandela House - For elderly people" is only over the road i can have you put in there and it's only a quick visit.


Okay!!!! look at this way : if you leave out the house and forget your umbralla, you are going to go back to get -right? but trying to open the door it is locked , guess what your keys are also in the house with the umbralla, it is that not funny!!!for the moment - noone else is there to help !!! So wondering and forgetting that you have a extra key in the flower pot , you are jumpping up and down , you go to the car and think about starting the car up to run down the door of the house to get in, but your keys are also in the house!!! Wow Yes laughing at yourself is part of self medication for the soul, try it !!! it works on mostly everything....Beverly L.