Self Discovery

Often I read to escape. Using my Kindle, I'm able to read when I can't seem to do anything else. It is a place to roam and imagine and be, outside of my Lupus. I prefer to read fantasy books, with dragons and swords and adventures. Reading has been a life-long love for me.

But recently, while reading a series of books, I discovered a sort of kinship with a character and his situation. Not to say that the storyline had anything to do with Lupus or disease. It doesn't, not even close. Generally, you don't look to fantasy books for insight into yourself. But it's happened for me. I wrote about it in my (offsite) blog, and wanted to share it with those who cared to read about it.

I Am The Tiger

Have any of you found inspiration and understanding of yourself in unexpected places like this? Why not share if so? Especially if it involves a book that wasn't intended to be helpful in this way. Perhaps it was a movie that struck a chord with you. Share with me your a-ha moments!