School's back in session

I don’t know if those of you who still have kids in school, just took your sigh of relief that the first wk is down, and there are many to go! I have to give much respect to our educators. They definitely don’t pay them enough, so you know that they truly enjoy enlightening the lives of their students. But some of the assignments my kids come hm with, I feel like a total airhead. I mean my career was focused on medicine, and yes I get brainfogged over the simplest tasks, but yet I can remember stuff from when I was in college. So why the heck can’t I comprehend 5th grade homework half the time? Thank God for the Internet, or else my poor kid would have to explain to his teacher that his mom is a dummy in that area! Oh well we’ll get thru it , and I hope you all w/ kids get thru it as well. Good Luck and Many Blessings- T 

O I know! I dreaded “helping” my kids with their homework because I didn’t know the answers—thank God we have access to information at our fingertips. I think about what it was like in my grandmother’s day. Her older sister was born in a covered wagon as my great grandparents moved to settle in nm. They grew up in a place they claimed–in a dug out at first and then they built a house. now my grandmother has email! but can you imagine what it would be like if we had no electricity, and then all the other things we do with that power? what a different world. one lifetime–the span of my gma’s life has seen mind boggling change.
many blessings to you too tommie

Que Bueno!

Hey do you know this song? Nada te turbe?

there are many versions... I love this song and even have my own version:)

Starting work tomorrow as a teacher, a bit nervous, with this new diagnosis, my joints are a little sore. I am nervous and not really looking forward to tomorrow. My EEOC officer stated I am going to leave the classroom after this diagnosis, because of the new absences policy, I can only be out 7 times during the year, with doctors appointments once a month and lab tests appointments on top of not feeling well periodically, it is better to be out of the classroom. I am sad, I don't want to return to work, because I love the classroom.

I am not hopeful about tommorrow, I am trying to focus and not take it too much to heart, I don't want a flare. But, I am upset. I have trained and achieved 3 degrees to be a highly certified teacher now I am having to leave the classroom by September 6. Why let me go in and bond with the kids then, replace me right away. I am really NOT HAPPY.

you are already helping mpreo than you know

Thanks @ Tommie and Janice. I am feeling a bit better having made it through the entire week. I had a couple of sore moments, due to walking 40 blocks because of major construction. I think the muscle pain felt is more from being out of shape... Not Lupus.. This year, my fears were unfounded, the principal is very concerned and wants to work with me for a schedule that will allow me to keep classes (that I want) and still keep the doctors appointments. Plus, the principal said "if you feel the class load is too much, we will pull you out of the classroom and give you another job duty" I was sooo thankful.

The kids are great! They are very independent and don't need a lot of reinforcement. So, I am HAPPY once again.

o i am so glad things went that way! yay.