Raynaud's syndrome

I was recently diagnosed with Raynaud’s syndrome. Just wanted to know if anyone else has this? If so, what kinds of things do you do to keep your fingers and toes warm? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

I avoid cold external environments like outside in this cold weather Of course socks and gloves will help too

I have it. I freaking Hate it! Everyone else is standing around enjoying the nice cool weather. Me? I am standing there shaking my fingers in an attempt to get the pain in the ends to stop. Too often I stick my fingers in my mouth or in my arm pits trying to warm them. It could be a perfectly nice day, and my fingers are blue. The sores at the ends are healing up mostly due to the meds, with the exception of one finger. I call it my ET finger. No matter what, it’s always cold. The wound on the end will not heal up. I avoid bumping it at all costs. It wakes me up all the time. The knuckle on it has a wound too that will not heal (both for over a year!) I get puss in them, and sometimes in my other fingers too. Not Sure if that is part of this issue or one of my other problems. The constant cracking in my fingers is hard to deal with, but the pain in them is what keeps me from working sometimes. I will stop in the middle of conversations to literally yell at my own fingers and threaten to bite them off! Lmao

All that said, I have several sets of gloves. That helps, but I can not wear them while working. My meds help, but only so much. The meds also cause my heart to race at times. I dont like that. So I do not take the full amount prescribed. Whatever… Also, I found that if I keep my fingers moving it helps. So I crochet and knit constantly. If I am not at work then I have a ball of yarn and needle in lap. Cold weather is bad. Lotion bought in bulk in supper warm socks are GOOD! Cold days are bad. Keep warm! I mentioned my pits earlier, and I am not joking. It’s one of the warmest places on your body. Take advantage of that when those finger tips start hurting so bad that you can not think beyond the pain.

Let me know if you have questions.


Thank you both for your responses. I’ve tried many layers of socks and gloves but for some reason my toes and fingers are still freezing.

My Rheumy suggested I wear mittens because gloves separate the fingers but mittens allow them to be close to each other. I found that it helps some.

Brittany I have been able to reduced noticeably the sores on my fingers with the following: I found a company online called CoreHeat that sells a battery operated mitten. Each mitten has a mini rechargeable battery pack that provides the warmth which my fingers need when outside. I also soak my hands daily in a paraffin wax which I buy from a company called Therabath. These methods haven't eliminated Rayneauds, but they have greatly reduced the pain and discomfort which I had previously.

Good Luck

Thank you both for your suggestions I will definitely look into them.

Sorry for your extreme discomfort, Brittany! Has anyone had their toenails come off?

Brittany said:

Thank you both for your suggestions I will definitely look into them.

I have all the symptoms, I just haven't gotten the diagnosis. This winter has definitely brought out the worst - I am so surprised how much pain the cold will cause with Raynauld's. When I worked in the warehouse, I would get deep cuts on my fingers from the cardboard boxes and it just would not heal.

I have to keep socks on, and many times houseshoes against the cold floor. I have heard that mittens keep your hands warmer, and will try that next winter.... I don't go anywhere without my gloves when it starts getting colder outside. Next winter I will get a better pair of boots, and keep my feet warmer. My boots kept my feet dry, but they got cold several times.

I think I have this too but haven't been diagnosed... My fingers are always cold and my toes stay cold as well.. They sweat but are cold as ice at times. I don't know what to do but I know I try my best to keep warm, and it's hard when it's winter time and my office has no heat... Good luck with yours and hopefully we will all get some relief soon.