Still possible lupus- have a?

I went outside today- I was feeling great better than most days... I went outside for 15 minutes... its 95 degrees out hot sun. I was out for 15 minutes doing something in the flower garden and came inside and 2o some minutes later felt like I had the flu :( wrists, back of head neck, elbows all feel horrible. & achy . .. . can lupus do this that quick? I don't have a rash just feel like crud. all of the sudden.

oh yes it can do it that quick. Be careful being out when it is so hot.

Yes it can. Wear sunscreen and a hat. Try not to be out during the hottest part of the day.

I had the same experience today just going out in the car, driving around for about an hr doing errands. Came home and felt horrible, my hands starting swelling & aching and I had to take a nap.

I have the same experience. It can hit you like a ton of bricks so please be careful! Like was already said, try to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

I get this experience from not only the sun, but from the heat as well. I watch the heat index or 'feel' temp as well as the true temperature outdoors.

I was feeling good for several weeks. Last night blood sugar went low. Today body aches dizziness nausea. Maybe I need to watch my time in the sun too. I live in the hottest part of Albuquerque New Mexico.

Funny thing is I was out yesterday and rode in a golf cart and started to feel sick..... today I couldn't even get out of bed.... never had the sun bother me that much...I go to the beach but sit under a cover and wear a hat...didn't have any of that on yesterday... thought it didn't effect me guess I was wrong...

Oh Definately yes! I am so ready for fall and winter! Humidity can trigger it too! I still am it from a month ago! But I can’t take Prednisone cause it causes me to bleed, and the other one I can’t because of my stomach! So not not getting much relief, only through Vicodin. She suggested Tylenol Arthritis too. Hang in there.

Your Rheumy should make you aware that the sun is not a friend if you have lupus. It interacts poorly and as you have experienced it makes you feel horrible. I live in Teexas and when it’s scorching outside I can’t make it to my car and work door w/o feeling lightheaded. Try doing outside things during evening when it’s cooler. Be safe

I feel your pain honey. My AC unit broke yesterday and the storms took out TWO big trees from my yard on the same day. Now I’m hot, broke, and miserable! It will be sometime next week before we have AC again if I’m lucky.

The answer is YES lupus reacts that quick. Stay out of heat and Sun and stay hydrated during these harsh summer months. take good care! Sheri